EVNHANOI encourages the development of rooftop solar power

Recently, Hanoi Power  Corporation of (EVNHANOI) has implemented many solutions to promote the strong development of rooftop solar power (RSP) in the city.

EVNHANOI actively encourages its customers to install and use the RSP system. Photo: DVCC.

As assessed by the experts, although there are not favourable conditions like the South Central and Southern regions, the weather is divided into four distinct seasons, people in the North in general and Hanoi in particular can still utilize benefit from the installation of the RSP system. In about 4 months of autumn - winter in the North, the intensity of solar radiation is low, the power output is reduced, but if modern connection technology is applied, when it is less sunny in the North, people still have can use RSP effectively.

Ms. To Lan Phuong – Head of EVNHANOI Sales Department of said that the Corporation and its affiliated power companies have organized to advertise and introduce the advantages of RSP on mass media, encouraging people to use; get ready to consult, guide the process of registration, receive installation documents, inspect, accept and sign the contract for purchasing and selling RSP; at the same time, provide free installation of 2-way meters; sign PPA contracts for unused power from businesses and people.

As a result, the number of RSP systems installed and put into operation in the area of the capital has continuously increased. As accumulated in the first 6 months of 2020, there were 177 customers installing, using RSP, with a total installed capacity of 4.12MWp; the number of customers using the RSP totaling up to 634, the total installed capacity of 7.48MWp.

Mr. Dinh Nghia Dung's family (Gamuda Garden urban area, Hoang Mai district) has been installing and using the RSP system since 2019, with a total installed capacity of 6kWp, equivalent to a roof area of about 40m2. He shared that this system really brings high efficiency to the pace of living at home. There is sunshine, there is power, so in September and October, the system operates at 100% capacity. Because it is in the autumn, not as hot as summer, but the light intensity is longer, thus producing more power than it in the summer.

Ms. Phung Thi Vinh (Tran Quang Dieu street, Dong Da district) shared that to serve the power demand of her family, her family installed the RSP system with a capacity of 2.67kWp. Since power installation until now, most of her family has not to pay or pay very little for electricity. Previously, during the hot summer months (June, July and August), my family had to pay from VND 1.2 to 1.5 million/month. After using the RSP system, the cost of electricity has decreased by over 50% to nearly VND 600,000. In June 2020, I was also paid by Dong Da Power Company for the used solar power fed to grid .

According to Ms. To Lan Phuong, EVNHANOI is now continuing to promote communication activities on the benefits of installing solar power systems to power households; develop a team of customer consultants in this field, providing free two-way connection and replacement services, etc. In particular, EVNHANOI has actively coordinated with units such as: Son Ha Group, Bach Khoa Solar Joint Stock Company (SolarBK), etc., in order to offer sponsorship and incentive packages for customers to install RSP system in the capital area.

Customers in Hanoi who need consultancy in installing RSP system, please contact EVNHANOI Customer Service Center (hotline: 19001288 (available 24/7), website cskh.evnhanoi.com.vn) or customer transaction offices at affiliated Power Companies for assistance.


  • 14/07/2020 02:57
  • evn.com.vn