EVNHCMC: modernization to best serve its customers

Over the years, Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) has made efforts to implement the innovation solutions to best facilitate customers in electricity using, namely: reducing administrative procedures and shortening inquiry settlement, diversifying access information channels, boosting modern technology application in power generation and supply.

Not only is the monthly electricity bill sent by application, but the family of Mrs. Dao Thi Dieu (residing in District 2) can register to access the EVNHCMC’s electronic information system on Zalo to know well about the power outage schedule in advance, which help to proactively arrange the daily work. Mrs. Dieu said, her family could search for information about  electricity bill, electricity price, payment forms, bill payment online via bank system, etc.

This is one of the utilities made by EVNHCMC to diversify the channels of getting inquiries from the customers. According to EVNHCMC, the corporation is currently receiving information from customers via switchboard operator 1900545454; website: https://cskh.hcmpc.vn, email: cskh@hcmpc.com.vn; application is used on mobile devices (EVNHCMC CSKH);  registers for the power information  by SMS and Zalo message. In the first six months of 2018, the rate of online inquiry  handling has reached nearly 97%, equivalent to  817,088/843,676 of service inquiries. Additionally, EVNHCMC has established an operating support application to monitor each customer inquiry online.

 The power customers can make bill payment at any time and anywhere thanks to its 22 banks and 9 partners in receiving the bill charges with various forms: Internet Banking, SMS Banking, ATM, payment designation, etc. According to Mrs. Thanh Hương (Tan Phu District), because of her frequent commuting for work, the form of monthly automatic bill payment by bank designation is very appropriate. Also, the service is easy to register for, the customers just go to the bank counters for voluntary support by filling in the form such as power customer code, the phone number, identity card, etc., which is the entire procedure. Every month, the banks will automatically make the bill payment by deducting the customer’s account in a specific and transparent manner.

In the administrative procedure reform efforts, EVNHCMC has strictly implemented the “interconnection” system to interact all transactions with customers via website: https://dichvucong.hochiminhcity.gov.vn. With the aim to reduce power  supply time for customers, EVNHCMC has cooperated with the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Transport to work out  the interagency agreement on the concurrent implementation of procedures with the time period of less than 5 working days. Similarly, the power supply process is also adjusted, hence the customers only implement 01 procedure of registering for power supply, the power sector shall implement the whole procedures within 13 working days. If the customers self-invest for facility, the power sector shall complete 2 procedures (power supply agreement and the acceptance for energizing the power work) within 3 working days.

At the same time, EVNHCMC has also applied the modern technology to improve power supply quality, namely: automatic control of power system (SCADA/mini SCADA), remote control center, DAS (Distribution Automation System) and MDMS system, which has helped to improve power supply reliability with stable quality.

Furthermore, EVNHCMC has invested in the equipment, devices using hotline repairing system to reduce the customer’s power outage, replacing the mechanical electricity meters by electronic ones with distance metering function (smart meters). Accordingly, the electronic meters can measure and transfer the dada to the power company, hence there is no need any staff to collect the electricity data at door as previously. The customers can download the application to their smart phones to observe electricity usage status, warning of overloaded usage, exceeding registered capacity and warning of the abnormal cases for timely detection and handling.

  • 24/07/2018 04:32
  • evn.com.vn