EVNNPC “reaches finish line” of 2018 with many impressive achievements

Not letting occupational accidents occur, targets of power loss, power supply reliability went ahead the plan for 1 year, etc., are outstanding achievements of Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) in 2018.

The Conference on Summarizing the implementation of 2018 plan, deploying targets, tasks and plans for 2019 of EVNNPC took place on 8 January 2019 in Ha Noi.

“Bright spot" on labour productivity, safety

In 2018, EVNNPC ensured safe and reliable power supply to serve socio-economic development and people's living activities in 27 provinces/cities in the North. This is a remarkable effort, because not only does it ensure power supply with a high growth rate of 12.09%, but the management area of EVNNPC also concentrates many industrial zones, with very high power quality requirements.

Leaders of EVN and EVNNPC chairing the conference

Also in 2018, EVNNPC supplied power to 100% of communes, with 98.5% of rural households. Up to now, border communes in the area managed by the corporation have been supplied  power, contributing together with the local authorities to implement the target of sedentary agriculture and settlement, hunger eradication and poverty reduction, economic development and remaining security of border - islands areas.

Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh also highly appreciated the labour productivity of EVNNPC in 2018. Particularly, the commercial labour productivity of the corporation is estimated at 2.64 million kWh/person/year, increasing by 2.2% compared to the plan assigned by the group and higher than the group's average rate. 

In 2018, the corporation also successfully implemented the target of “saying no to labour accidents”; the targets of power loss, reliability of power supply all “reached” the progress schedule set for until 2019, particularly: Performance power loss was 5.1%, decreasing by 0.53% compared to 2017 and 0.41% better than plan assigned by EVN. Labour productivity by commercial power reached 2.64 million kWh/person/year, increasing by 2.2% compared to the group's plan. 

In 2018, the corporation focused on implementing the topic “Improving the quality of human resources”. The corporation has implemented the program "Customer is the center" at 13 Power Companies and Customer Care Centers, step by step changing awareness, management methods of customer relations, improving management capability and developing officers and staffs at the units.

Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh awarding EVN's Emulation Flag to units with excellent achievements

In 2019, continue to improve the quality and electricity services

In 2019, Chairman of EVN's Member Council requests EVNNPC to continue to improve the quality of human resources, effectively apply the achievements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to all production and business activities.

At the same time, the corporation also needs to properly carry out the restructuring and re-arranging labour. The model of separating services from production and business has been implemented, in order to transparent the cost, synchronize, modernize the service work, help repair services more dynamic and effective in the current market.

Some production and business results of EVNNPC in 2018:

- Commercial power: 64.27 billion kWh, growing by 12.09%

- SAIDI: 873 minutes

- Electricity access index: 5.77 days

- Total construction investment value: VND 16,201 billion, 1.08 times higher than 2018

* Objectives and plans for 2019:

- Commercial power: 72.5 billion kWh, growing by 12.8%

- Power loss: 4.85%

- Labour productivity according to commercial power output ≥ 3.03 million kWh/person/year

- SAIDI: 681 minutes

- Electricity access index: ≤ 7 working days

- Targets of customer services achieve higher results than 2018.

- Total construction investment value: VND 16,729 billion.


  • 08/01/2019 04:03
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