EVNNPC will reduce the power loss rate to 5.5%

This is one of the specific targets of the technical operation management of Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) in 2018, down 0.13% lower than the present figure.

The Conference on summarizing the technical operation management, occupational safety and hygiene, and construction investment in 2017, directions and tasks in 2018 of EVNNPC was held online on March 14, 2018 for the whole Corporation. EVN’s Vice President Ngo Son Hai attended and made a speech at the Conference.

Mr. Ngo Son Hai – EVN’s Vice President delivered his speech at the video conference of EVNNPC on March 14, 2018

In 2017, EVNNPC successfully performed its mission of securing electricity supply in a safe and stable manner for socio - economic development and people's daily life in 27 provinces and cities in the North.

In terms of reducing power losses, in 2017 the Corporation achieved a loss rate of 5.63%, or 0.46% lower than that of 2016 and 0.15% lower than the target set by EVN.

In the period 2014 - 2017, the reduction of the power loss rate of the Corporation achieved from 0.35% to 0.71%.

According to the judgment of EVN's top management, such a performance of EVNNPC though had not been as good as other distribution corporations, it was quite a deep reduction by EVNNPC in the recent years.

At the Conference, Mr. Ngo Son Hai proposed that EVNNPC should honestly look at its currently unresolved problems in order to work out more effective solutions to better perform the plans and targets in 2018.

Together with the effort to further lessen the power loss rate, EVNNPC should accelerate the implementation schedule of investment projects, especially important ones; minimizing power grid failures; improving the reliability of power supply; speeding up the construction of remote control centers and unmanned substations.

EVNNPC should perform well preparatory activities for and accelerate the implementation of key anti - overload projects to ensure a safe and stable electricity supply for the hot season 2018, directed EVN’s Vice President.

Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Deputy General Director of EVNNPC said that the Corporation will thoroughly analyze the reasons, based on which specific plans and roadmaps will be established for each work item, each subsidiary with the aim to well perform the technical operation management, occupational safety and hygiene, construction investment activities, contributing to securing safe and reliable electricity supply for customers.

  • 16/03/2018 10:03
  • evn.com.vn