EVNNPC.CC: Using social networks to take care of customers

Since 2018, Customer Care Center of the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC.CC) has used social networks such as zalo, facebook, webchat to connect with customers, etc., which has given electricity consumers more choices in accessing electricity services.

At the conference to summarize the performance in 2018, and prepare for deploying tasks in 2019 held on January 15, 2019, EVNNPC.CC stated that the center received more than 55,120 requests of customers through social networks since the deployment of social networks from April 2018.

In addition, conventional communication channels such as call center received nearly 1.8 million calls, increasing by 49% compared to 2017. On average every month the center received about 136,000 calls, equivalent to about 4,500 calls per day; at peak time this figure might reach nearly 11,000 calls per day. The website was operated stably to serve more than 10 million customer turns searching and self-serving. Also in 2018, the center received over 46,000 requests for new electricity supply.

Customer Care Center of the Northern Power Corporation has been connecting customers closer to the services of the corporation.

 The role and quality of the center's service for customers has been getting better, making an important contribution to bringing the customer satisfaction point of the corporation in 2018 to 8.01 points, 0.15 points higher than the year 2017 and achieving a good performance point on a scale of 10.

In 2019, with the vigorous application of achievements of the fourth industrial revolution in production and business activities, Mr. Le Quang Thai said that EVNNPC's Customer Care Center will intensify the promotion of online services, multi-channel services of the power industry in general and EVNNPC.CC in particular, especially advertise customer care services via zalo and facebook to get access to and involvements of a larger number of customers.

At present among more than 10 million customers of EVNNPC, up to 3.8 million customers use Zalo. Of which, about 40,000 customers access electricity services through this social network. Therefore, maintaining the promotion of communication and advertisements to motivate a lot of end users to interact with the power industry through social networks will be one of the key tasks of EVNNPC.CC in 2019. Thereby, it will both modernize customer care activities, provide customers with the most convenient services, and save costs of messaging for the power industry.

  • 15/01/2019 03:33
  • evn.com.vn