EVNNPT masters substation integrated control technology

With the development of the power system in general and the transmission grid in particular, along with the trend of digital technology, the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) is required to increase investment in technology innovation and develop an integrated control system with the model of unmanned substations.

Human resource training

Grasping the trend in the field of substation automation, EVNNPT has issued a policy on selecting engineers to attend the training on technology transfer. In 2011, EVNNPT has cooperated with Toshiba to organize an intensive training course for engineers on protection and control systems of substations in Japan. In 2015, EVNNPT cooperated with Siemens to organize an intensive training course on control systems in Germany. In 2018, NPTS (Power Transmission Technical Services Company) continued to inherit the intensive training courses of EVNNPT, sending students to participate in technology transfer training courses from ABB Group.

Directly operating 220kV Thuy Nguyen substation (Hai Phong)

To update the latest trends on the substation automation systems, EVNNPT contacted famous experts and training organizations in the world and in the region to invite them to conduct training courses to improve their knowledge.EVNNPT applies the form of on-job training – conducting training through the direct construction process at construction sites. This form helps the trained persons to grasp thoroughly all stages from preparation to construction implementation, acceptance and energization. Thereby, the trained persons will gain both knowledge and practical experience at the same time.

Mastering high technologies

From the results of the formal training courses, in 2020, EVNNPT assigned NPTS to complete the project "Research and build integrated substation control system on the basis of IEC 61850 protocol using monitoring and control software independent of device manufacturers”. As a result, in addition to helping the NPTS research team to gain a deeper understanding of the IEC 61850 standards applied in the substation and the integrated control software, EVNNPT also built an integrated control system that can integrate multiple control and protection devices of different manufacturers into the same control system.

Computer control system self-built by EVNNPT at Tam Ky 220kV Station (Quang Nam)

In addition, EVNNPT has developed and promulgated regulations on basic technical requirements for the substation control system on the basis of the IEC 61850 standard. This is a very important regulation to contribute to help EVNNPT in unifying and mastering the control system of substation computers on the transmission grid.

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