EVN’s hydropower reservoirs discharge over 1.89 billion m3 for first phase of water supply for winter-spring crops in 2024

The total discharge volume of EVN's hydropower reservoirs is 1.893 billion m3 of water - according to a report by the Department of Irrigation (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) on the summary of water intake work for the first phase of rice cultivation in the Winter-Spring crop of the year in the Midlands and the Northern Delta region. Because the water intake progress was faster than expected, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development directed it to be shortened by 2 days.

Over 81% of the crop area supplied with water 

As planned, the first phase of water intake starts from 0:00 on 23 January 2024 to 24:00 on 30 January 2024 (a total of 8 days). However, because the progress of water intake is faster than expected, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has directed to shorten 02 days, ending at 24:00 on 28 January 2024.

The water area as of 29 January 2024 is 399,602 hectares/492,946 hectares, reaching 81.1% of the planned crop area; of which, Ha Nam province reached 96%, Thai Binh 93%, Ninh Binh 90%, Phu Tho 89%, Nam Dinh 89%, Hung Yen 86%, Vinh Phuc 85%, Hai Phong 83%, Hai Duong 81%, Bac Ninh 77%, Hanoi 47%.

The area supplied with water among localities in the first phase is relatively uniform (reaching over 75%), except for Hanoi City, which is at 47%. The reason is that some districts have the habit of late water intake, some areas are supplied with water by field pumping stations, so it takes a long time to intake water.

Farmers preparing soil for planting spring crops in Nam Dinh province. Photo: Thanh Trung

Previously, to ensure the water level rise downstream, Hoa Binh, Tuyen Quang, and Thac Ba hydropower reservoirs increased power generation 2.5-3 days in advance, from 12:00 on 20 January 2024 (Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir) and 0:00 on 20 January 2024 (Thac Ba and Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoirs).

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