EVN’s thermal power plants meeting environmental regulations on emissions

That is confirmed by Deputy General Director of EVN Nguyen Tai Anh at the working session with delegation from The New York Times and Foreign Press Center - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam on 5 November 2018.

According to EVN’s Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh, over the past years, Viet Nam’s electricity growth rate has always been around 10-12%/year.

Meeting the power demand for development, Viet Nam has continually invested in power systems. So far, the total power source output of the country has reached over 45,000MW. In which, the proportion managed by EVN accounts for over 60%.

In order to ensure energy security and sustainable development, Viet Nam has invested in developing many clean power sources such as Hydropower, gas-fired thermal power, renewable energy, etc., accounting for 60% of the total capacity.

Deputy General Director of EVN Nguyen Tai Anh (2nd from left) welcoming delegation at EVN’s headquarter

For coal-fired thermal power, EVN’s Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh said that in parallel with power generation, EVN’s thermal power plants always pay their attention to environmental protection work. EVN has performed investments and been qualified in modern technology to control pollution issues and protect the environment. Currently, the plants have met Vietnamese regulations on emission of waste gas. Ash, slag from many plants is reused to produce building materials, etc.

The Vietnamese Government is encouraging investment and development of such renewable energy sources as solar and wind power. However, Viet Nam has faced many difficulties due to low electricity prices, not strongly attracting investors. On the other hand, such natural conditions as radiation intensity and hours of sunshine are not as favourable as in other countries.

At the meeting, the parties also exchanged information on energy efficiency, saving use, technical status of the power grid and the picture of Viet Nam’s energy sector in the coming time.

Mrs. Somini Sengupta - international reporter of The New York Times and the delegation thanked to enthusiastic reception of EVN’s leaders and at the same time highly appreciated the information provided by EVN.

In the same morning, the delegation visited the power generation process of Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant (under Power Generation Corporation 1) in Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province.

With two generator units in a total capacity of 600MW, the Plant generates about 3.6 billion kWh/year for the national power system.

The plant is invested with electrostatic precipitator system (ESP) with dust removal efficiency up to 99.79%. Additionally, 100% of fly ash is totally consumed.

  • 05/11/2018 04:42
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