Electric Power Trading Company: Total volume of electricity purchase increased by nearly 10% compared to 2017

In 2018, the Electric Power Trading Company (EVNEPTC) successfully accomplished its assigned tasks, making an important contribution to the evaluation and management of production and business of Viet Nam Electricity.

The conference on reviewing production – business performance in 2019 and preparing for execution of tasks in 2019 of EVNEPTC was held on January 14, 2019.

 Mr. Pham Quang Huy - Deputy Director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Viet Nam (leftmost) and Mr. Dinh Kim Cuong - State Controller (rightmost) awarded EVN’s Excellent Emulation Flags to EVNEPTC’s units with excellent achievements

Reported at the conference, Mr. Le Khac Hung - Deputy Director of the Company said that in 2018 EVNEPTC managed 232 power purchase agreements, including 123 agreements with commercial power plants.

Every month, the company checked to ensure the accuracy of documents, records, and paid for 123 power purchase agreements in accordance with the current regulations of the Government and EVN, with the total electricity purchase in 2018 reaching 144.37 billion kWh, increasing by 9.96% compared to 2017.

The company sold electricity to 5 Power Corporations with a total power sale of 200.68 billion kWh, an increase of 10.1% in comparison with 2017.

The company also performed the calculation of costs of electricity purchase and weekly revenue of the parent company – EVN in a satisfactory and timely manner, making an important contribution to the evaluation and management of business and production of the group.

 Mr. Nguyen Danh Son - Director of EVNEPTC awarded Certificates of Merit of the Party Committee to Party Cells which achieved outstanding achievements in 2018

In 2018, EVNEPTC completed deploying the competitive generation market and the pilot wholesale electricity market; well performed checking, offsetting, confirmation of electricity trading data of 977 two-way metering points in 48 cycles/day and settled the monthly electricity trading between EVN and 5 Power Corporations under provisions of the pilot competitive wholesale electricity market.

In addition, EVNEPTC has been managing a total of 3,109 metering points (up 11.7% against 2017) between EVN/EVNEPTC and customers, including 1,665 metering points of power plants, 2,020 metering points of power corporations and 55 metering points  for power trading with foreign countries.

Boosting the achievements, in 2019, EVNEPTC will focus all resources on fulfilling their assigned tasks, contributing to achieving the common goal of EVN, well implementing the theme of the year: “Improving the efficiency in operation of power system and electricity market”.

  • 14/01/2019 03:51
  • evn.com.vn