Electricity services in era of Industrial Revolution 4.0: Bringing utility to customers

Just a phone call, a few taps on smartphone made or computer connected to the internet, customers can register for electricity services anytime, anywhere without coming  to offices of power unit. This is one of the successes achieved by Viet Nam Electricity after 5 years of renovation in the fields of business and customer services.

Reducing time and costs

In December 2017, EVN officially provided 100% of online electricity services, marking a great turning point in the field of electricity business and services. Accordingly, 20 unified electricity services in the whole group were developed to handle customers’ requirements. Customers only need to access the customer care website of the Power sector; customer care applications; or via the electronic communication port of provinces/cities across the country to easily access to electricity services.

For each service provided, EVN has described contents in a specific and clear manner such as: Service receiving channels, necessary application procedures, handling time and costs, so that customers can catch up with and follow the whole related process. After the customers’ requirements are registered, local power units will receive the requirements, contact customers and handle them under the motto “Power units coming to customers.”

Up to now, after nearly a year of implementation, online electricity services have brought a lot of practical benefits to customers. While in the past, in order to access an electricity service, customers had to directly come to the transaction office of power unit for 3-4 times, now with online electricity service, customers can conduct registration anywhere using a computer or cellphone connected to the internet without coming to any office; saving travel time, costs for photocopying, printing, notarial documents, etc.

In addition to convenience in registering for electricity services, customers can also select to pay for online electricity services by electronic wallets, auto debiting, bank transfer, etc., via banks providing payment services for the Power sector. According to economic expert Nguyen Minh Phong, with the strong application of information technology to production and business activities, particularly electronicalization of electricity services, EVN had really become a typical model in the area of digital economy.

Transaction staff from Customer Care Center of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation receiving electricity service registration via website

Monitoring is also conducted online

While in the past, after registering services, customers had to wait without knowing about the handling process for their requirements, EVN currently has promoted the application of technologies, allowing power users to look up, monitor the handling process when logging into the customer care website of power corporations or customer care applications on cellphones.

At some units, customers are allowed to directly supervise and rate staffs of the sector through a board with a software system located right at Customer Transaction Office. Typically, at Binh Duong Power Company, there is a touch screen in every transaction office with full names of transaction staff attached to the basic assessment criteria: Very satisfied, satisfied, un-satisfied. After making transactions with any transaction staff of the Sector, customers can objectively assess their service attitude and working style. These data will be synthesized by the system to help unit leaders get  information about staffs who well or not well perform their tasks, so that the status shall be timely overcome to better and more professionally serve customers.

Mr. Bui Minh Tri (Chanh Nghia ward, Thu Dau 1 city, Binh Duong province) shared: “Just one tap on screen, I can assess service attitude and working style of power staffs. We really feel respected, well served when working at the Power unit”.

According to the assessment made by Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with strong application of science and technology to business and customer services such as electronic invoice, online payment, 100% electricity services in publicity and transparency, etc., EVN has been one of the leading state-owned enterprises in Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Viet Nam providing customers with the most convenient services.

  • 19/12/2018 03:15
  • evn.com.vn