Electricity supply has improved dramatically over the past 4 years

This is the information announced by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on March 28, 2019 at the Report on Vietnam's Provincial Competitiveness Index of 2018 (PCI 2018).

PCI report is composed based on the data collected from 8,000 public enterprises, 2,000 newly established enterprises and 1,500 FDI enterprises.

VCCI said that right from the beginning of the electricity supply indicator evaluation in 2014, the electricity sector's score was evaluated at a high level by FDI enterprises, i.e 4.5 points on the 5-point scale. The electricity supply has improved even more in the past 4 years in all areas of production, construction and service/retail.

According to PCI 2018 report, this evaluation result is consistent with the assessment of getting electricity index of Vietnam in Doing Business Report of the World Bank, which has increased from 78.69/100 in 2017 to 87.94/100 in 2018.

In the ranking of 190 countries and territories, the position of Vietnam has improved from the 64th to 27th and reached the Top 4 ASEAN 2 years ahead of the schedule targeted by the Government.

EVN has supplied electricity with increasingly stable quality, serving the country's socio-economic development. Photo: Dang De

Over the years, the quality of electricity supply has constantly improved, becoming more and more stable, shown in electricity supply reliability indicators.

In 2014, the system average interruption duration index (SAIDI) was 3,134 minutes, this figure was 724 minutes in 2018, a reduction of 2,410 minutes. This achievement is attributed to the effective application of advanced technologies by EVN such as live-line working, digital system operation, gradually building a n-1 power grid, etc.

In particular, customer service has made great progress after EVN's customer care centers came into operation. Not only advising or answering questions, Customer Care Centers also receive 24/7 customer service requests via call centers, websites, applications such as zalo, facebook, etc. As of December 2017, electricity services has been provided online by EVN at level 4 of public services. The service provision of the power sector to customers has been no longer constrained by space and time, bringing customers the best convenience.

The improvement of electricity quality and electrical services is directed by EVN as: "Considering customers as the center for all activities", "All for customers". EVN has conducted satisfaction surveys of electricity customers since 2013 (by independent consultants), listening to customers' opinions so as to refine and innovate their business and service activities.

As a result, the customer satisfaction score has ascended year by year. In 2018, customers “marked” EVN 8.11/10 points, 0.14 points higher than that of 2017.

The considerably consistent assessment of electricity service quality (through reports of VCCI, World Bank and customer satisfaction survey) has once again confirmed: EVN has actually innovated, step by step successfully building itself as a business doing for the sake of the community, for customers, constantly improving service quality to meet and satisfy ever higher requirements of customers. Thereby, contributing to the enhancement of national competitiveness capacity, boosting the country's socio-economic development.

  • 28/03/2019 11:05
  • evn.com.vn