Electricity to Dao village

Hamlet 3 (also known as Dao village) is the last village of the border district of Ia H'Drai (Kon Tum) that has access to the national grid.

The light brought to Village

Although in 2021, Kon Tum province in particular, and the whole country, in general, are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kon Tum Power Company and Central Power Corporation still carry out the survey, allocate funds and human resources to bring electricity to Dao village 3. Accordingly, the unit has invested nearly 16 km of 22kV transmission line and a 100kVA - 22/0.4kV substation, connected to the electromagnetic line system of Sa Thay district, with a total budget of VND 16.7 billion. Thereby, in June 2021, the substation of Dao village – hamlet 3 has been officially energized, bringing light to people.

Mr. Nguyen Phong Luu, Director of Kon Tum City Power Unit said: “Dao village - hamlet 3, Ia Dom commune is the last village in Kon Tum province to use electricity from the national grid. When implementing the project to bring electricity to remote areas of the district, the local government and the Electricity sector have aimed to serve the people's daily-life and production needs, and promote social, economic and cultural development, hunger eradication and poverty reduction, contributing to maintaining security and defense in border areas".

With power supplied, many households in the Dao village have boldly borrowed capital to invest in opening rice milling services with electric machines, opening small and medium-sized mechanical workshops to serve the people in the locality, and improve their incomes.

Mr. Vo Tan Lac - Chairman of Ia Dom Commune People's Committee shared that the national grid not only brings civilized light to the Dao people - hamlet 3 but also contributes to helping the locality fulfill criterion 4 on electricity in the implementation of the National Target Program on building new rural areas.

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