Energizing power unit No. 3 of Trung Son Hydropower Project

At 18h05 pm on April 29, 2017, the power unit No. 3 of Trung Son Hydropower Project located in Trung Son commune, Quan Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province has been officially energized and successfully synchronized into  the national power grid. As such, the power unit No. 3 of Trung Son Hydropower Plant has been put into operation only more than one month after the energizing of power unit No. 2.

Trung Son Hydropower Project has been assigned by Vietnam Electricity to Trung Son Hydropower One Member Limited Liability Company under Power Generation Corporation No. 2 (EVNGENCO2) to be the Project owner. The Project is composed of four power units with the total installed capacity of 260 MW. This is the first hydropower project in Vietnam being financed by the World Bank.

After being put into operation, the power plant will contribute to the national power system an annual electricity generation output of 1.018 billion kWh, at the same time the plant will help control floods and irrigation in the downstream area of Ma river. Especially the project will create a new driving force for economic development, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation in Quan Hoa district (Thanh Hoa province).  

One of the objectives of Trung Son Hydropower Project is to mitigate and minimize social and environmental impacts caused by all construction and operation activities of the project. In particular the lives of project affected people will be improved remarkably after the project finishes. The project will bring about environmental benefits, for example greenhouse gas emission (GHGs) will be much lower than that of a fossil fueled power plant.


1. Project’s contractors:

- Project preparation and designing consultant: Power Engineering Consulting Company No. 4.

- Construction contractor: a Consortium between Samsung C&T and 47 Construction JSC; Hydro – mechanical contractor: Vietnam Machinery Installation Corporation – LILAMA; Electro – mechanical contractor: Hydropower China Corporation.

- Project construction supervision consultant: AECOM New Zealand Limited (New Zealand) and their sub-consultant Dong A Investment and Construction Consulting JSC.

2. Main parameters of the project:

Max reservoir area (Flv): 14.660 km2

- Total storage volume (Wtb): 348.5 million m3

- Reservoir surface area at the normal operating water level: 13.13 km2

- Normal operating water level: 160m

- Minimum operating water level: 150m

- Flood prevention volume (Wfl): 150 million m3

- Frequent flood prevention volume: 112 million m3

- Installed capacity: 260MW

- Annual average generation output (Eo): 1,018.61 million kWh

- Crest length: 513 m, crest width: 8m

- Dam height: 84.5 m

- The plant comprises four Francis turbines with capacity of 65 MW per each (total installed capacity of 260 MW), being designed with the highest head of 72.02 m.

- A 65 km long 220 kV transmission line connecting to the national power grid (invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation).

- The access road is 20.4 km long, the road base is 6.5 m wide and the road pavement is 5.5 m wide with two large bridges (132 m and 264 m long) and 05 medium bridges (four 33 m long bridges and one 72 m long bridge) connecting the main road system to the Project site.

- Social, environmental and community relation programs aims to mitigate foreseen and unforeseen impacts of the Project on the directly or indirectly affected people with about 10,600 people (2,327 households), of which 7,012 people (1,516 households) are directly affected at the main area of the Project, 533 households (2,450 people) have been resettled.


1. Vietnam Electricity

Public Relation Department

Telephone: 04.66946411/66946413  

Address: 11 Cua Bac street, Truc Bach commune, Ba Dinh district - Ha Noi; 

Website: www.evn.com.vnwww.tietkiemnangluong.vn

2. Trung Son Hydropower Company Ltd.

Telephone: 04 37100596  

Fax: 04 37100597

Address: 6th and 7th floors, VEAM Bld., 689 Lac Long Quan – Phu Thuong commune – Tay Ho district – Ha Noi.

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