Enhancing transmission capacity for the Capital in the hot and sunny season

The National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) in coordination with relevant organizations has organized commissioning and successfully energizing many power projects in order to secure electricity supply to Hanoi Capital in the hot and sunny summer this year.

EVNNPT has completed energizing power projects including: Hiep Hoa - Dong Anh - Bac Ninh 2 500 / 220 kV transmission line (from Hiep Hoa 500 kV Substation to Dong Anh 500 kV Substation); AT1 500/225/35 kV - 900 MVA transformer under Dong Anh 500 kV Substation and connecting branch project; AT3 220/110/22 kV – 250 MVA transformer under Dong Anh 220 kV Substation project.

The projects when coming into operation will relieve the loads of Hiep Hoa 500 kV, Van Tri 220 kV and Bac Ninh 2 220 kV Substations in the context that electrical loads in the North and in Hanoi normally critically go up in the hot and sunny summer, concurrently they will create a 500 kV loop for Hanoi’s and the Northern power grids, enhance safe and stable operation and reliability of the power system.  

These projects are invested by EVNNPT, managed and implemented by the Northern Power Project Management Board - NPMB (under EVNNPT), and will be transferred to Power Transmission Company 1 for operation upon project completion.

Dong Anh 500 kV and Dong Anh 220 kV Substations project:

+ Total investment cost: more than VND 980 billion.

+ Being freshly constructed in the land area of more than 81,000 m2 at Lien Ha and Thuy Lam communes, Dong Anh district, Hanoi.

Hiep Hoa - Dong Anh - Bac Ninh 2 500/220 kV transmission line project:

+ Total investment cost: VND 1,770 billion.

+ Project size: construction of a single circuit 500 kV transmission line together with double circuit 220 kV transmission line on the same transmission towers and two branches to Dong Anh, Long Bien 220 kV Substations, with the total length of 48.4 km; expanding one 500 kV feeder in Hiep Hoa 500/220 kV Substation.


  • 15/06/2017 08:57
  • evn.com.vn