Ensuring power supply for Saigon Hi-Tech Park: No interruption for even one second

Many enterprises located in Saigon Hi-Tech Park not only require a stable power supply, but also a higher quality of power than the regulations set by Vietnam. For that matter, what has EVNHCMC been doing so far?

Proactive in power supply

Established in October 2002, Saigon Hi-Tech Park (District 9) has attracted many leading technology groups as well as companies in the world such as Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Nidec, Jabil, Nipro, Datalogic, etc., to invest in Vietnam. Operating in high-tech industry, these companies have very high requirements on the quality of modern and synchronous infrastructure; in which, the reliability of power supply is their top priority. 

Mrs. Ho Thu Uyen - Public Affairs Manager of Intel in Vietnam and Malaysia, said: “When opting to invest in Vietnam, the element of sufficient power supply with proper quality of power is one of the commitments made by the Government of Vietnam for Intel. Our products are microprocessors which require high accuracy, so the quality of power and the stability of power supply are really important.” 

110kV substation exclusively supplying power for Intel in Saigon Hi-Tech Park

Intel always highly assess the public-private cooperation among the Government of Vietnam, Vietnamese Power sector and foreign enterprises. Moreover, the relations between Intel and EVNHCMC is not simply between a seller and buyer, but also between two partners, companions with mutual trust.

According to Mr. Pham Quoc Bao - Deputy General Director of EVNHCMC, Saigon Hi-Tech Park is an industry that contributes the highest ratio of exports in  HCM City, particularly in high-tech products such as Intel's microchip, Samsung’s electronics, etc. Ensuring the power supply is always paid special attention to by the Corporation. At present, the power supply of Saigon Hi-Tech Park is assured from 3 sources with 3 different 220kV substations. 

For enterprises that require higher quality of power than the regulations by Vietnam, EVNHCMC has proactively studied and proposed alternatives for power supply from separate power lines while cooperating with customers in installing monitoring equipment to ensure the standards of voltage, frequency, etc., which will help maintaining a stable business for such customers. For example, with Intel Products Vietnam Co., Ltd, EVNHCMC has proactively invested to  construct additional 110kV power source to exclusively supply power for the Intel 110kV substation while conducting an additional installation of lightning equipment at the power lines leading to this substation. 

At Saigon Hi-Tech Park, the Corporation has piloted a smart power grid and this has brought the maximum benefits to customers. Accordingly, this smart grid is equipped with modern and advanced equipment capable of fully automatic operation. In case of any inccident, the grid will automatically handle, re-establish and re-supply power to customers in the shortest time. EVNHCMC also installed 100% electronic meter with remote measuring function, helping customers to promptly catch up and update the situation of power consumption, thereby let them have a most economical and effective adjustment in using power. 

Having a deep understanding of customers

Not only ensuring a stable power supply with backup sources, EVNHCMC also set up a special team which will have monthly meetings with the Management Boards of Saigon Hi-Tech Park and customers to evaluate the power sources and quality  while taking the best solutions to handle any arising difficulty or problem (if any). Along with this Special Team, in order to work out the most effective solutions in the process of power supply, EVNHCMC has also set up a standing operating team in the High-Tech Park to regularly and closely coordinate with the technical department of the Hi-Tech Park as well as any plants with strict requirement on quality of power.

Additionally, EVNHCMC also maintains a periodical inspection on the power grid and regularly coordinates with customers to inspect their private power lines. For customers who carried out improper maintenance or ignored the recommendation and suggestions by EVN, the power staffs and employees shall cooperate with the Management Boards of Hi-Tech Park to persuade customers to arrange an appropriate outage schedule in order to carry out the maintenance and handling of any existing problems at customers’ private lines connecting to the measuring system.

However, at present, the biggest difficulty in securing power supply for the Hi-Tech Park comes from external impacts. Additionally, the objective and unavoidable incidents by higher voltage such as 500kV and 220kV from external lines will also certainly affect the power grid of the Hi-Tech Park. In order to handle this issue, the Corporation has suggested the National Load Dispatch Centre and the Southern Regional Load Dispatch Center periodically inform EVNHCMC of its work on the grid. On that basis, the Corporation has cooperated with the technical departments of Hi-Tech Park in preparing the solutions to prevent and minimize any external impact. Particularly, the Corporation has advised, proposed many enterprises to invest in specific protective equipment for any plants with strict requirements on power quality, frequency, voltage, etc.

Together with the efforts made by Power Sector, EVNHCMC would like to continue receiving the cooperation and support from their corporate customers in the process of inspecting and monitoring the operation of the power grid to ensure the power supply for Saigon Hi-Tech Park without interruption, even for only one second. 

Activities of Saigon Hi-Tech Park as of the end of 2017:

- 134 projects/enterprises in operation;
- Contributing over USD 568 million to the state budget; Of which, over USD 154.8 million in 2017 alone.

  • 19/09/2018 02:17
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