Hai Phong PC install nearly 200 public lights in Bach Long Vy island district

The Youth Union and Bach Long Vy Business Department of Hai Phong Power Limited Company (Hai Phong PC) have coordinated in deploying supporting installations for a public lighting system in Bach Long Vy island district.

The Youth union members have installed 189 light bulbs (44 led bulbs and 145 solar bulbs) for roads, public areas/points on Bach Long Vy island district.

Hai Phong PC Youth Union transport necessary material and equipment to the island to carry out the project

The public lighting system, which has been put into use, is highly appreciated by local authorities, people and military units stationed in the island district for its contribution to ensuring national defense and security. This is one of the social security activities of the power sector to contribute to ensuring socio-economic development, national defense and security in remote areas, border and island areas of the country.

Bach Long Vy Island is located 133km from and southeast of Hai Phong City. It is the farthest Vietnamese island in the Gulf of Tonkin but has a strategic position, a special importance in terms of defense security and in marine economic development. Currently, the island district is being powered by on-site diesel generation units. Northern Power Corporation is also investing in wind power, solar power and storage battery systems, to provide stable and continuous power to meet the demand on the island.

  • 23/07/2021 02:29
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