Highland villages connected national power grid

On the occasion of the Great National Solidarity Festival on 18 November 2023, 160 Mong ethnic households in Pa No highland village, Ta Hoc commune, Mai Son district, Son La province were connected national power grid. This is an item in the rural power supply program from the province's national power grid.

According to the Party Cell Secretary and head of the village Pa No Vang A Cu, for many years the village has not been connected to the national power grid, and the whole village still has 53 poor households. The national power grid supply for the village will truly be a driving force for people to develop production and improve their lives.

From the beginning of 2023 until now, the implementation of the rural electricity supply project from the national power grid, not only for Pa No village but also for Mai Son district. The district consists of 39 villages in 6 communes, with nearly 1,600 ethnic minority households mainly in highlands, border areas, and extremely difficult areas of the district, such as Ta Hoc, Na Ot, Chieng Dong, Phieng Pan, Muong Chanh... invested in national grid power projects. To date, construction units have completed construction of nearly 50 km of medium voltage power lines, nearly 70km of low voltage power lines, 20 substations, and installed 1,584 meters for households.

Up to now, all work items have been implemented basically on schedule. The power company in the Mai Son - Yen Chau area in coordination with the construction unit organizes acceptance and energization of substations that have met operation technical standards to supply electricity to households.

 Electricity staff instructing people on electrical safety regulations

Vu Dinh Phuong, Deputy Director of K28 Industrial Construction Company Limited, the construction unit in the villages of Ta Hoc commune, said that the project of supplying electricity to the villages without electricity in Ta Hoc commune, Mai Son district started construction in February 2023. Up to now, the project has been completed and 7 substations have been energized to supply electricity to more than 200 ethnic minority households.

 To ensure a stable power supply for the loads, the power company in the Mai Son - Yen Chau area has enhanced technical management and operation solutions.

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