Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation: A 45-year journey of initiative, creativity and innovation

Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC), formerly known as the Department of Power Distribution and Management of Ho Chi Minh City, was established on 7 August 1976. Over 45 years of construction and growth, EVNHCMC has overcome all difficulties and challenges, proactively and creatively became the leading power distribution corporation in Vietnam Electricity; make an important contribution to the construction and development of Heroic City of Ho Chi Minh, the economic locomotive of the country.

EVNHCMC was honored as a Labour Hero in the renovation period at the Vietnam Glory 2014 program. Photo: DVCC

Overcoming difficulties, taking initiative, creating ideas


The noble awards of EVNHCMC awarded by the Party and the State:

  - The title of Hero of Labour in the renovation period (in 2013)

  - 01 First Class Independence Medal (2014)

  - 01 Second-class Independence Medal (2010)

  - 01 Third-class Independence Medal (2002)

  - 02 First-class Labour Medals (in 1995, 2021)

  - 02 Second-class Labour Medals (in 1991, 2016)

  - 01 Third-class Labour Medal (1987)

Especially, from 1986-1995, EVNHCMC successfully performed many key programs such as: "Bringing the national power grid to Can Gio district", "Piloting electrification of Trung Lap Thuong Commune, Cu Chi district". The rural electrification program in all 6 suburban districts with 100 communes and towns, etc. Thereby, helping Ho Chi Minh City become the first locality in the country to complete the goal of electrification, contributing to changing the appearance of suburban areas in the renovation period.

Pioneering in the application of science and technology

EVNHCMC's Remote Control Center was established in 2017, is the first remote control center in Vietnam Electricity (photo taken before April 27, 2021). 

In the field of business and customer service, in 2012, EVNHCMC put into operation the first professional customer care center of the sector in the country, serving 24/7; Successfully piloting issuance of e-invoices. Up to now, the Corporation has totally provided online electricity services on digital platforms such as website https://cskh.evnhcmc.vn/, National Public Service Portal; e-mail, EVNHCMC Customer Service application on mobile devices; EVNHCMC page on Zalo application; Call center 1900545454.EVNHCMC has always been the flagship of EVN in the application of science and technology to production and business activities. The Corporation has researched, built and effectively applied smart grids and achievements of industrial revolution 4.0 into all fields of operation. Typically: Application of electrical repair technology without cutting power (Hotline); road digging robot; geographic information system (GIS); put into operation the international standard the Remote Control Center; successfully researched outage management software (OMS) on single line diagram, end so on.

With unremitting efforts, the customer satisfaction rating of EVNHCMC has continuously increased over the years, from 8.16 points in 2016 to 8.66 points in 2020.

Impressive figures of EVNHCMC by the end of 2020:

- 100% of 110/220kV substations operate in unmanned and remote-controlled mode;

- 100% power grid 22kV remote monitoring (Mini SCADA);

- 30% of the public 22kV grid automatically detects faults, isolates and restores power supply;

- Power loss: 3.41% (lowest among 5 Distribution Corporations);

- Reliability of power supply: SAIDI: 44 minutes/year; SAIFI: 0.59 times/year (lowest in the country);

- Labour productivity increases by an average of more than 8%/year in the period 2016-2020;

- Customer satisfaction score: 8.66/10 points;

- Access-to-electricity index: ranked 24th out of 190 countries, five in the Top 4 ASEAN, reached the Target 1 year ahead of schedule as assigned by the government;

- The rate of undergrounding the medium voltage grid in the whole city is nearly 40%, of which:

+ Inner-city area: 53%

+ District 1 and District 3: nearly 100%

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