Improving the quality of EVN's human resources, meeting development requirements

Improving the quality of human resources is a consistently crucial task throughout the development process of Vietnam Electricity.

Labor productivity is yet to be high

During the past years, together with the corporate restructuring, Vietnam Electricity has implemented many synchronous solutions, contributing to raising the efficiency of production and business activities and labor productivity. Qualifications and skills of the workforce have been improved considerably. The share of trained workforce has gradually increased years by years. Labor productivity per power sales of the next year is always higher than that of the previous year.

However, from an overall perspective, the labor structure by ages of EVN tends to be aging which affects the improvement of labor productivity. The reasonable allocation of labor force in EVN has encountered many difficulties, especially for heavy works such as managing and operating power lines, fixing grid failures, etc. The labor structure by occupations still faces many inadequacies. Many occupations have a redundant workforce who can’t be transferred to other sectors due to different educational backgrounds. Labor productivity of the Group is not high in comparison with power industries of other countries in the region and has not taken full advantages of internal strengths.

EVN will enhance training of talented engineers and technical experts in power system operation areas

Towards being a leading corporation in ASEAN

To improve the quality of human resources, satisfying development requirements of the Group in the fourth industrial revolution and in line with the corporate restructuring roadmap with the aim of enabling EVN to become one of the leading power corporations in ASEAN, Vietnam Electricity should attach importance to development of a crew of brilliant leaders, managers, experts, business administrators, leading scientific and technological experts and skillful workers.

Leaders of member companies and organizations should establish a human resource development plan to utilize the labor efficiently. Raising the quality of manpower planning work, building up a crew of core personnel and successors satisfactory in terms of quality and quantity, in line with the occupation structure and fields of work; ensuring the transition between personnel generations, the age structure within the planning range. Associating planning with training, retraining, standardizing personnel and rotating staff.

Step by step rationalizing the organizational structure of member organizations at each management level, standardizing the job title system according to their work positions for managerial officials, professional staffs and technical workers. Reviewing and setting up maximum employee numbers of power plants in conformity with requirements of technology promotion and production management, in order to manage the productivity, employee number and personnel recruitment of each stage of production - business. Effectively executing the performance - based evaluation mechanism in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality, based on the application of a balanced scorecard system and a system of performance indicators in EVN and member organizations.

Keeping on strictly controlling the recruitment of new employees of member organizations, ensuring the structure and quality of human resources; reviewing, rationally mobilizing existing employees, expanding the outsourcing for auxiliary jobs. Studying and formulating a treatment policy for premature retirements and a mechanism of performance based salary according to job titles and positions.

Particularly, EVN should intensively and synchronously renovate the human resource training and development with more importance attached to developing the capacity and quality of workforce. Paying attention to training and development of high - quality human resources; improving the quality of technical and operational management staff and skilled workers. Regularly renovating and updating contents and applying information technology in the training and testing activities. Increasing the number of training programs on new technologies, advanced techniques, training talented engineers and technical specialists in key domains such as management of power systems, transmission networks, maintenance of thermal power plants, automation, information technology, etc. in the country and abroad.

Paying attention to training and fostering managers at all levels to meet requirements on capacity, qualifications as well as capabilities to organize and realize assignments of their organizations; especially for managers being planned for being executives of EVN. Making investment in facilities, means of scientific research, teaching, practicing, meeting requirements of training high quality human resources of the Group.

With the above solutions, together with the determination of management levels and the desire for learning and development of employees, it is expected that EVN’s human resources will have higher and higher quality and develop sustainably.

  • 02/07/2018 10:19