Photo series: People on duty at the beginning of the new year of Tiger 2022

When every family is gathering to welcome the moments of New Year's Eve or the first day of the Lunar New Year, thousands of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) employees and workers across the country are still working hard in the operation room, next to the power units or on the lines and substations to contribute to keeping the safe and continuous electricity, serving people to enjoy the New Year and welcome the spring.

Updated 02-01-2022

On New Year's Eve, the engineers of the Ho Chi Minh City Power System Dispatch Center (Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation) highly focused on ensuring safe, reliable electricity with the highest quality to serve the people in the city.

Dozens of employees of Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant have put aside the family reunion joyful on New Year's Eve to focus on operating continuously and safely the units.

Engineers in the New Year's Eve shift of the Northern Power Information Technology Company (Northern Power Corporation) report to the company's leaders on the operation status of the private IT and telecommunications systems.

At more than 9 pm on New Year's Eve, the employees of Quang Binh Power Company promptly handled the incident and restore the power supply before the moment of entering the new year.

Ho Chi Minh City Electricity Service Company launched on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Mr. Pham Quoc Bao, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation’s Members Board gave lucky money to the caller of the Customer Care Center on the shift on the Lunar New Year's Eve of 2022.