• 10/06/2020

In May 2020, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has ensured stable and safe power supply for socio-economic development, meeting daily-life needs of the people, ensuring power cultural, political and social events nationwide, especially in the 9th session of the XIV National Assembly.

  • 23/05/2020

On 6 April 2020, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 13/2020/QD-TTg on the mechanism of encouraging development of solar power in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as Decision 13). This Decision officially came into effect from 22 May 2020 to replace Decision 11/2017/QD-TTg expiring from 30 June...

  • 07/05/2020

In April 2020, Vietnam Electricity ensured stable and safe electricity supply for socio-economic development, meeting people's daily needs, for political, social events across the country, especially ensuring electricity supply during the period of social distancing to prevent COVID-19 pandemic...

  • 13/04/2020

In the first quarter of 2020, the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has ensured safe and stable power supply to meet the power demand for production, business and daily activities of the people in the localities, especially ensuring boosting power supply for hospitals, health facilities and concentrated...

  • 04/03/2020

According to data from the National Load Dispatch Center, in the first 2 months of 2020, the whole system’s power consumption was 36.2 billion kWh, the peak load capacity reached 35,000MW and average daily power consumption was 615 million kWh/ day, increasing by 7.5% compared to that of 2019....

  • 16/01/2020

For more than 8 years, the power supplied from Dak Nong province has served the daily life, production and business of people in Mondulkiri province (Cambodia), has served as a connection link, contributing to strengthening and cultivating the solidarity and friendship between these two localities.

  • 14/01/2020

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Cong Thanh had on 14 January 2020 a meeting with Vietnam Electricity to review the operation plan for hydroelectric reservoirs in the dry season of 2020.

  • 09/01/2020

Previously, pursuant to Decision No. 11/2017/QĐ-TTg of the Prime Minister, electric energy generated from solar power projects in general and from roof-top solar power projects in particular were purchased by electricity buyers at a price of 9.35 cent USA/kWh, resulting in a relatively satisfactory...

  • 08/01/2020

It is one of the instructions of EVN Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh to EVN y Power Projects Management Board No. 1, at the Conference on reviewing the performance in 2019 and deploying the tasks for 2020, taking place on 8 January 2020, in Ha Noi.

  • 06/01/2020

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) organized in Bac Ai district, Ninh Thuan province, the Ceremony of implementing construction and launching emulation for completing the discharge gate work cluster of Bac Ai Pumped-Storage Hydropower Project (PSHP), on 6 January 2020.