Japan sharing experience in securing fuel supply for thermal power plant

The Workshop on Fuel Supply for Thermal power plant was organized by EVN in coordination with Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC), from 27 to 29 August 2018.

The Workshop was participated by EVN’s Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh, representatives of EVN’s Specialized boards, power generation corporations and thermal power plants.

For the Japanese delegation, Mr. Hiroshi Murashige - Head of the Electricity Cooperation under International Cooperation Department of JEPIC, together with energy experts from Power Companies of Kyushu, JERA participated the Workshop.

Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh making speech at Workshop

Deputy General Director of EVN Nguyen Tai Anh said, with the aim of meeting the country’s power demand, an additional 5,000MW of capacity has been needed each year.

Under the Adjusted Power Plan VII, by 2030, the total capacity of coal-fired and gas-fired thermal power plants (including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)) shall reach over 74,000MW, accounting for 57.3% of the total installed capacity of the system, which produces about 70% of the country’s total power output.

EVN is currently managing and operating more than 20 thermal power plants with the installed capacity of more than 15,000MW. The development of thermal power faces many challenges when the domestic coal and gas supplied to power plants is inadequate.

In order to balance the primary energy, Vietnam will need to import about 90 million tons of coal and 16 million tons of LNG by 2030. Therefore, securing the stable and long-term supply of coal and gas fuels plays a crucial role in the goal of ensuring the national energy security.

At the Workshop, energy experts from JEPIC, Kyushu, JERA Power Companies shared their experiences in coal import, quality control, ensuring fuel supply for power generation. Synchronously, the exchange of information on international LNG market, LNG industry of Japan, experience in establishing LNG trading contracts, etc., was focused on.

21st Workshop organized under cooperation between EVN and JEPIC since 1998 up to now

Representatives from EVN’s power generation units also discussed with the Japanese experts to learn about experiences, seek for solutions to obstacles in importing coal, orientation in LNG import, etc.

At the end of the Workshop, Mr. Hiroshi Murashige - Head of the Electricity Cooperation under International Cooperation Department of JEPIC, highly appreciated the active mutual sharing and discussion by representatives from EVN. At the same time, he confirmed that JEPIC was always ready to cooperate with EVN in the goal of developing Vietnam’s Power sector in a sustainable direction.

Over the past 20 years, within the cooperation framework between EVN and JEPIC, about 1,000 EVN’s staffs and employees have participated in the workshops as well as training programs co-organized by the two sides.

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