Last Generating Unit of Lai Chau Hydropower Plant Project Synchronized with the National Grid

At 21:45 on November 9, 2016, generating Unit 3 - the last one in Lai Chau hydropower plant project was successfully synchronized with the national grid after 3 days of no-load operation.

Before that, rotor of generating Unit 3 was completely installed at 10:45 on September 6, 2016 and generating Unit 3 started to operate at no load from 19:30 on November 6, 2016.

According to evaluation of experts, generating Unit 3 of the Lai Chau at no-load operation has the lowest shaft deflection among 9 generating Units with capacity of  400 MW in Vietnam (6 Units of the Son La Hydropower Plant and Units 1, 2 of Lai Chau Hydropower Plant). This is an important condition to successfully synchronize generating Unit 3 with the national grid.  

All three generating Units of the Lai Chau Hydropower project has successfully synchronized with the national grid and supply high power output for the country

Generating Unit 3 of Lai Chau hydropower plant was successfully synchronized with the national grid as scheduled by the Vietnam Electricity, played a key part in supplying power for socio-economic development, especially in the South.

Up to now, two Units of Lai Chau hydropower plant has provided 3.4 billion kWh for the national power system and this project will be inaugurated at the end of December 2016 – one year ahead the assigned schedule.

Lai Chau Hydropower Project:

- Approved by Prime Minister in Decision No. 822/QD-CP of June 7, 2010

- Investor: Vietnam Electricity

- Location: Nam Nhun town, Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province.

- Installed Capacity: 1,200 MW (3 x 400 MW)

- Average annual power production: 4.69 billion kWh

Some major milestones:

+ Commencement: Jan 5, 2011

+ Building dam on the Da river – Stage 1: April 24, 2012

+ Building dam on the Da river – Stage2: October 10, 2014

+ Closing intake gate of penstock, reserving water: June 20, 2015

+ Generating Unit 1: December 2015

+ Generating Unit 2: June 2016

+ Generating Unit 3: November 2016

+ Expected completion of entire project: End of 2016


  • 10/11/2016 02:01