Legal issues arising from EPC contract

This is the main topic of the Training Workshop for Engineering Procurement and Construction Contracts (EPC) organized in cooperation between EVN and International Law Firm of Watson Farley & Williams on 21 May, 2018, in Hanoi.

The Workshop was participated by Mr. Nguyen Tai Anh - EVN's Deputy General Director, leaders of EVN's Specialized boards and staff, specialists on legal affairs, construction investment of EVN's affiliated units.

Representatives of Watson Farley & Williams International Law Firm participating at the workshop included Ms. Doan Linh, in charge of energy and infrastructure, Mr. Marcus Gordon - in charge of dispute resolution.

According to EVN's Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh, EVN has continually invested in and developed the power system to ensure power supply for the country. So far, the scale of Vietnam's power system has ranked 2nd in Southeast Asia and constantly developed in a strong manner. From the requirements of reality, EVN has to implement a large number of EPC contracts and international transactions. Thus, the Group attaches great importance to improving international legal knowledge for staff and employees in this field.

EVN attaching great importance to improving professionalism for department implementing EPC contracts

At the Workshop, lawyers from Watson Farley & Williams International Law Firm presented a number of legal issues interested in by EVN: Overview of international EPC contracts, examples of international EPC projects, the triangle of risks and the method of distributing risks in construction, the standard contract form, practical examples of disputes, etc.

Additionally, there was also the content of Arbitration overview and dispute resolution; advantages and disadvantages of arbitration resolution; clause of model arbitration; clauses of compensation for agreed and liquidated damages, responsibilities for failures and clauses of exemption, etc.

This is also an opportunity for EVN's staff and employees to exchange and discuss with the lawyers on practical issues associated with EPC contracts in the Power sector such as: applicable Vietnamese laws in international EPC contracts, costs for contract compensation, issues of power project implementation schedule, warranty of electric equipment, etc.

  • 21/05/2018 10:06