National peak load set a new record on 2 June 2021

According to the National Load Dispatch Center, the national peak load on 2 June 2021 set a new record again of 41,558MW.

Thus, if compared to the peak load in 2020, the national peak load on 2 June 2021 was 3,200MW higher - equivalent to the total capacity of both Son La hydropower plant (2,400MW) and Lai Chau hydropower plant (1,200MW).

The prolonged hot weather has caused many electrical equipment to continuously operate at full load, even overload at sometimes, leading to the risk of local failures on the power grid. EVN has kept on advising people, offices and manufacturing establishments to pay attention to using electricity safely and economically, especially during peak hours at noon and at night, namely at noon from 11:30 to 15:00 and at night from 20:00 to 23:00. At the same time, people should use air conditioners in an economical manner (setting at 26-27 degrees or higher, used in combination with fans) and should not use many electrical appliances with large capacity at the same time to minimize the risk of electrical incidents or electrical fires and explosions.

With the exemplary spirit of saving electricity on peak hot days, the headquarters of all units of the Vietnam National Electricity Group in the Northern region have actively and immediately saved 100% of electricity for lighting in public areas and saved 50% of electricity for lighting in working areas, at the same time saved at least 50% of electricity for air conditioning.


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