Nghe An: Collecting rubbish in Ban Ve hydropower reservoir bed

In response to the current situation of full rubbish and waste wood in Ban Ve hydropower reservoir bed, causing unsafety to boats in traffic and environmental pollution, Ban Ve Hydropower Company has conducted the collection.

On 18 September 2018, Mr. Ta Huu Hung - Deputy Director of Ban Ve Hydropower Company said that, over the past few days, the Company had carried out collecting rubbish in the reservoir bed. Currently, the collection activities were still carried out by the unit.

On 11 September 2018, Ban Ve Hydropower Company issued Document No. 549/TDBV-P2-P4 on addressing some urgent issues due to the impact of flood and rain, particularly, including a proposal to Power Generation Corporation 1 allow collecting and treating rubbish at Ban Ve Hydropower Dam.

On 13 September 2018, Power Generation Corporation 1 issued Document No. 2688/EVNGENCO1-KTSX allowing Ban Ve Hydropower Company to collect rubbish near Ban Ve Hydropower Dam, at the same time, remove and clear up rock, soil waste, handle landslide pots on the operation road to ensure the operation of generator units, as well as traffic of people.

The cost for rubbish collection on the reservoir bed is taken from production and business of the Plant. Due to the large volume of rubbish, it is predicted to take about 20 days for completion, depending on the weather. the company has signed contracts with two rubbish collecting units for this collection.

It is known that the long-lasting rains and floods make rubbish and wood waste concentrated in a large amount, causing obstacles, danger for the traffic of people in Ban Ve hydropower reservoir bed and risk of pollution. After being reflected in media, Nghe An Department of Natural Resources and Environment established an inspection team, requested the Reservoir exploiting and operating units to collect and treat rubbish.

  • 18/09/2018 10:38