Nghi Son TPC performs well in environmental protection

Environmental protection is identified by Nghi Son Thermal Power Company (Nghi Sơn TPC) as one of the key factors along with production and business tasks; therefore, the company always performs well in building a green - clean - beautiful - safe working environment, for the goal of sustainable development.

Representative of Nghi Son TPC said that to meet the increasing requirements in environmental protection, in addition to regular maintenance and repair to ensure the operating performance of the systems and avoid subjective incidents, the company has invested in installing an automatic monitoring system, continuous automatic monitoring to meet the requirements of Decrees and Circulars for systems such as exhaust smoke, industrial wastewater, cooling water, domestic wastewater, and surveillance camera system. Thanks to that, the environment parameter monitoring and supervising results are within allowable limits and are guaranteed not to violate environmental protection regulations.

LED panel displays automatic environmental monitoring parameters.

Environmental indicators are displayed on a large LED board hanging in front of the main gate of the plant, ensuring publicity and transparency, information is disseminated to all citizens, as well as transmitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Thanh Hoa Province to monitor.

Implementing Decision No. 452/QD-TTg, dated April 12, 2018, of the Prime Minister on Approving the Project to promote the use and consumption of ash, slag, and gypsum of thermal power, chemical, and fertilizer plants as building materials and other construction projects, Nghi Son TPC has signed an investment cooperation contract with the offtake unit, Minh Phong Investment Joint Stock Company (Hanoi). Fly ash, furnace bottom slag, and gypsum are processed and consumed by Minh Phong Company to produce cement, concrete additives, aggregate blocks, and tunnel bricks.

Since 2018, 100% of fly ash and gypsum have been processed for consumption. Due to some subjective and objective difficulties, 100% of slag output was processed by 2021. The company is continuing to coordinate with the offtake unit to expand the market, promote consumption, and strive to exploit and reduce inventory to achieve the goals set by the state, EVN, and EVNGENCO1.

Company organizes tree planting on plant campus in early 2024.

The green - clean - beautiful - safe in the workplace is always maintained and deployed regularly. The company organizes tree planting every year, one area within the plant is chosen to plant trees each year, creating green "walls", both creating landscape, shielding dust, and forming green isolation areas between the plant and residential areas. Up to now, almost the entire vacant land area of the plant has been covered with trees.

Due to performing well in environmental protection, since the plant came into operation til now, the company has not had any environmental incidents and has always been highly appreciated by EVN and functional sectors, as one of the units that perform well green - clean - beautiful - safe work in the workplace and environmental protection in the province.

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