Ngu Hanh Son 220kV substation reinforcement project completed

At 6:43 pm on 16 November 2021, the Central Vietnam Power Projects Management Board (CPMB) in collaboration with relevant units to energize the reinforcement project of 110/22kV-40MVA transformer by 110/22kV- 63MVA transformer at Ngu Hanh Son 220kV substation (Da Nang).

110/22kV-63MVA transformer has been successfully energized

This is a grade II, group C energy project invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT), and managed and operated by the Central Power Projects Project Management Board, which took over and managed the operation by Power Transmission Company 2.

Starting in April 2021, the project has a construction scale including: dismantling the existing 110/22kV-40MVA transformer and replacing it with a 110/22kV-63MVA transformer; newly replacing 22kV total bay circuit breakers with newly installed transformers; installing one more underground cable 24kV-Cu/XLPE-500mm2/phase for the 22kV total bay of newly installed transformer; completing protection control system suitable for transformers and newly installed equipment; installing an automatic fire alarm system for newly installed transformer.

After increasing the capacity, Ngu Hanh Son 220kV substation now has a capacity of 376MVA, ensuring a safe and stable power supply, serving the socio-economic development needs of Da Nang city and the North of Quang Nam province.

  • 16/11/2021 09:45
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