'One touch' with EVNHCMC App

With just a smartphone with the installed EVNHCMC Customer Care app, electricity customers can contact Ho Chi Minh City Electricity Corporation (EVNHCMC) anytime, anywhere, and will quickly receive and resolve their questions, and difficulties related to electrical services.

Instead of having to waste time and effort traveling like before, EVNHCMC's electricity customers now only need to use a smartphone with an internet connection to be able to carry out all electricity requirements and procedures on the online platform.

Since 2015, EVNHCMC has developed customer care applications and utilities (EVNHCMC Customer Care App) in parallel with implementing an effective remote metering system.

The remote metering system not only collects remote electricity readings to calculate electricity bills but also provides some additional information related to customers' electricity usage, such as warnings of increased/ decreased abnormal electricity usage, and operating parameters such as current, voltage, and power factor... The electricity bills and warnings are automatically sent to customers via EVNHCMC Customer Service App, Zalo, email... From there, customers can proactively develop a more flexible, efficient, and economical electricity use plan.

EVNHCMC staff guiding customers to install EVNHCMC Customer Care APP on mobile devices

EVNHCMC said that customers can now perform all electrical services anytime, anywhere. All information about electricity, including meter reading schedule, electricity supply schedule, sending requests, and monitoring the progress of electricity services such as new issuance of the electricity purchase contract; change/addition of contract information; extension/termination of the electricity purchase contract; temporarily outage; Services for checking and verifying measuring equipment, monitoring power consumption indicators... are all provided online.

For large electricity customers through specialized substations, EVNHCMC provides daily electricity usage charts, capacity charts, current, and power factors... with a frequency of every 30 minutes for customers to remotely monitor the power system in near real-time. Providing this information helps customers exploit data to serve production and business activities. Through the EVNHCMC Customer Care application, customers quickly receive notifications about unusual cases of the electrical system to coordinate with the power industry to promptly check and handle to minimize electrical incidents on the system. ensuring stable, continuous, and safe power supply, as well as improving power supply reliability.


Step 1: Search for the keyword "EVNHCMC Customer Care" on the AppStore of the iOS operating system, or the keyword "EVNHCMC Customer Care" on CH Play of the Android operating system.

- Or access the link:

* IOS: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/cskh-evnhcmc/id1098174684?l=en

* Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evnhcmc.evnmobileapp&hl=vi&gl=US&fbclid=IwAR1QOBEoxootw750SEzsx9xNM_KcI72MWQDhJShmKasWGpBMxAj05OjRDkw

Or Scan the QR Code on the IOS operating system


 Step 2: Click "Install" to start installing the App

Step 3: Go to “EVNHCMC” - “Link PE code immediately”

Step 4: Enter the 13-character customer code then click "Check information"

Step 5: After clicking "Check information". If the customer code is correct, select "Create link with this PE code"

Step 6: Click " Complete" to finish the linking process.

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