Operating situation in September 2021 and objectives and tasks in October 2021

In September 2021, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) continues to well perform the dual task of both ensuring the prevention of the highly complicated COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring power supply for socio-economic development of the country and people's daily life.

The power output of the whole system in September 2021 reached 19.33 billion kWh, decreasing by 9.8% over the same period in 2020. As accumulated in the first 9 months of 2021, the whole system's output reached 192.55 billion kWh – an increase of 3.6% over the same period, in which the mobilization rate of some main sources was as follows:

+ Hydroelectricity reached 54.68 billion kWh, accounting for 28.4% of the total output of the whole system.

+ Coal-fired thermal power reached 92.67 billion kWh, accounting for 48.1% of the total output of the whole system.

+ Gas turbines reached 20.92 billion kWh, accounting for 10.9% of the total system output.

+ Renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass power) reached 22.68 billion kWh, accounting for 11.8% of the total power production of the whole system.

+ Mobilized oil-fired thermal power is insignificant, reaching 02 million kWh.

+ Imported electricity reached 1.01 billion kWh, accounting for 0.5% of the total output of the whole system.

In the first 9 months of 2021, power produced by EVN and Power Generation Corporations (including joint-stock companies) reached 95 billion kWh, accounting for nearly 50% of the electricity production of the whole system.

EVN's commercial power output in September 2021 is estimated at 17.95 billion kWh, decreasing by 9.95% compared to that in September 2020. As accumulated for 9 months of 2021 transmitted power output reached 169.43 billion kWh, increasing by 4.39% over the same period in 2020.

Transmitted power output in September 2021 reached 14.74 billion kWh. As accumulated for 9 months of 2021, transmission power output reached 152.22 billion kWh, decreasing by 1.6% over the same period last year.

About business and customer service: The Power Corporations have been promoting research and application of digital transformation in the fields of: Modernizing electricity metering, Online electricity services, Field application (Digital Workforce) for Business & Customer Services, Customer care application, Development of rooftop solar power, formulating technical requirements for data transmission in remote meter reading, Setting up a database in inspecting and monitoring the quality of metering equipment, testing advanced metering infrastructure, access-to-electricity index. In which, the following objectives are set: (1) Online electricity services: 100% of online level-4 electricity services are provided and 90% of customers participate in online transactions at level 4; 100% of work records in the field of business and customer services are processed online in electronic form, the rate of customers transacting in electronic form reaches 90%; digitizing 100% of records and contracts with new customers by providing electronic purchase and sale contracts. (2) Customer care application: At least 30% of the customer requests through the Customer Care Center are received and processed automatically; deploying information infrastructure system to ensure that customers are provided with appropriate data easily; standardizing and unifying service delivery channels to customers of Power Corporations (call centers, Customer Service App, Customer Service website, etc.,)

Regarding construction investment: In the first 9 months of 2021, 85 power grid projects have been started; completed energizing 80 projects of 110-500kV power grid, in which the project of Van Phong 500kV substation started and connected; energized the Dong Ha - Lao Bao 220kV line, completed the whole project; energized and increased the capacity of 220kV Vinh, Gia Rai, Hue substations, Bac Thanh Cong 110kV substation (Hanoi), City 2 110kV substation and Thai Binh province branch, etc.

Regarding social security work: During the campaign "All people unite to fight against COVID-19" launched by the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, EVN has donated an amount of VND 500 million. EVN promptly reported to the Prime Minister and Ministries for permitting the reduction of electricity prices and electricity bills in 5 phases in years 2020 and 2021 with a total amount of more than 16,950 billion VND. Only for the COVID-19 pandemic from the end of April 2021 until now, EVN and its member units have so far contributed to support and support pandemic prevention activities with a total amount of about VND 560 billion, of which Vietnam Electricity has donated VND 400 billion to the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund, supported 24,000 computers equal to an amount of VND 60 billion respectively for the program "Waves and computers for pupils".

Some working tasks in October 2021

In October 2021, the average power consumption of the whole system is expected to be 675 million kWh/day, the largest load capacity is estimated at 32,730MW.

Objectives of electricity system operation in October 2021:

- Continue to well perform the dual task of ensuring the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring the production and supply of power to serve the country's socio-economic development and people's daily life, at the facilities of health care, COVID-19 concentrated isolation areas.

- Exploiting hydroelectricity following water inflow, ensuring operation safety and water storage target at the end of the year.

- Power plants improving availability, ensuring completion of repairs as planned, and ensuring the available capacity of the power system during the peak dry season in 2022.

Regarding construction investment: Ensuring the power grid for connection and taking into account COD recognition for wind power projects before 30 October 2021. As for the 500kV line project, circuit 3, currently, all 7 provinces and cities have not finished handing over the site (Vung Ang - Quang Trach - Doc Soi section).

In addition, in October 2021, EVN will continue to direct the Corporations/Electricity companies to prepare sufficient human resources and means, to strengthen the 24/7 response; proactively respond to natural disasters in the rainy and stormy season, ensure the safety of people, equipment, electrical works and ensure the safety of dams, hydropower plants, and downstream areas of reservoirs.



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