Operation in first 6 months and goals, tasks for second half of 2019

In the first 6 months of 2019, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) performed its production and business tasks while facing many such difficulties as high growth of demand on power, particularly many large-scale heat waves, meanwhile there is almost no backup source in power system, poor hydrological situations which are water inflow to reservoirs and the drop in fuel supply for thermal power plants compared to the plan, etc.

Even so, EVN and its units have made great efforts to ensure adequate power supply for the country’s socio-economic development and people’s daily activities in localities, socio-political events, the 14th session of National Assembly,  Lunar New Year 2019, activities of traditional festival at the beginning of the year; ensured absolutely safe power supply for the 2019 North Korea - United States Hanoi Summit; ensured power supply for the entrance examination of high schools and the national high school graduation examination. The Group and its units have coordinated with localities to urgently handle power incidents due to the impact of Storm No. 2 and forest fire in the Central region at the end of June 2019; closely coordinated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Directorate of Water Resources and localities to operate,  regulate hydropower reservoirs in order to meet demand on water for production and daily life; carried out 3 water discharge turns to serve production of 2018 - 2019 Winter - Spring crop for Northern midland and delta regions.

The total production and import power output in the 6 months reached 117.38 billion kWh, increasing by 10.6% over the same period in 2018; including: 60.13 billion kWh of coal-fired thermal power, increasing by 24.7%; 29.86 billion kWh of hydropower, decreasing by 8.86%; oil-fired thermal power plants mobilized 732 million kWh to ensure power supply. In the first 6 months of 2019, the maximum daily output reached 782 million kWh and the maximum capacity reached 38,219MW (June 21st, 2019), increasing by 11.9% over the same period in 2018. The most outstanding feature of the power system in the first 6 months of 2019 is great effort, working regardless day or night by the EVN, the National Load Dispatch Centre and the units to facilitate solar power investors so that they could keep up with the schedule by June 30th, 2019. By the end of June 2019, the country has had 89 wind and solar power plants with a total installed capacity of 5,038MW, accounting for 9.5% of the total installation capacity of the national power system. On some days of earlier July 2019, on average, all solar power plants daily contributed about over 20 million kWh, accounting for around 2.7% of the national power generation.


Accumulated transmission power output in the first 6 months is estimated at 98.42 billion kWh (increasing by 10.7% over the same period in 2018), the maximum transmission capacity on the North - Central transmission system is 2,117MW (reaching capacity limit) term) and the Central - South one is 3,530MW.

Accumulated commercial power output of EVN in the 6 months is estimated at 100.95 billion kWh, increasing by 10.01% over the same period of 2018, of which domestic commercial power output increased by 9.57%. In the earlier months of 2019, EVN continued to expedite many solutions in order to improve the quality of customer services, improve the access-to-electricity index. With the implementation of “one-stop-shop” mechanism in accordance with Resolution 19-2018/NQ-CP of the Government, 29 out of 63 provinces/cities have issued mechanisms of coordination between state management agencies and the Power sector.

Regarding the power supply reliability index for the first 6 months, the unit has strengthened the implementation of solutions and the quality of power supply has been significantly improved. The Group’s total power loss in the 6 months is 6.59%, 0.11% better than the plan targeted for 2019 and 0.17% better than the same period in 2018.

In the first 6 months, construction investment continued to face many difficulties in investment preparation, site clearance, compensation and capital arrangement. In this situation, the Group submitted proposals to the Prime Minister, the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development, the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises and other Ministries, sectors including solutions and policies in order to handle problems. At the same time, the Group directed the units to accelerate the construction investment of works as planned for 2019, especially the works in service of power supply in the dry season and capacity transmission of power sources. The value of implementation volume is estimated at VND 39,030 billion and disbursement value reaches VND 33,419 billion.

Regarding power source: issuing PACs for generator units of Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Project, Thai Binh Thermal Power Project; connecting power of Vinh Tan 4 Expansion Thermal Plant (600MW) to the power grid were completed; Vinh Tan 2 Solar Power Plant (42.65MWp), Da Mi Solar Power Plant (47.5MWp) and Vinh Tan Power Centre Port which secures the reception of 70,000-ton ships were put into operation. Nationwide, the total capacity of additional power sources included in power generation in the first 6 months of 2019 was 4,753MW, mainly from solar power projects (4,397MW). By the end of June 2019, the total national power installation capacity reached 53,326MW.

Regarding the power grid: In the first 6 months, EVN and the units energized 57 power grid works of 110 - 500kV (including 01 500kV work, 10 220kV works and 46 110kV works), including such crucial ones as: Vinh Tan 500kV transmission line - Song May - Tan Uyen turn, Southern Saigon - District 8 220kV transmission line and works of power supply for 2019 summer such as: Thanh Cong - Thuong Dinh 110kV underground cable, renovating and raising capacity of  Yen Phu, Van Dien and Thong Nhat Park 110kV substations, etc. There have been 72 commenced for 110 - 500kV power grid projects (including 3 220kV works and 69 110kV works). Additionally, for transmission grid works releasing renewable energy sources in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, the Southern Power Corporation focuses on investing in raising loading capacity and circuit 2 of 110kV routes from Thap Cham 2 - Ninh Phuoc - Phan Ri and Phan Ri - Luong Son - Mui Ne - Phan Thiet; National Power Transmission Corporation expedited urgent solutions, mobilized materials and equipment for projects with the aim of completing within 2019: Installing the second transformer for Ham Tan substation, Nha Trang - Thap Cham 220kV transmission line and within 2020: Phan Ri, Ninh Phuoc 220kV substation projects, raising capacity of  Vinh Tan 500kV, Thap Cham 220kV substations, etc.

In addition to the tasks of production and business, ensuring adequate power supply to serve socio-economic development and people’s daily activities, EVN and units have also carried out many social security activities to strengthen the role and responsibility of EVN to the community. In the first 6 months, EVN and units provided support in constructing and repairing schools and medical equipment in some localities; in constructing many gratitude houses and taking care, donated gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, supported Agent Orange victims, families under preferential treatment policy and disadvantaged people; supported local authorities and people in some localities to help people overcome the consequences left by natural disasters. Moreover, EVN supported and coordinated with Vietnamese Heart Fund (Vietnam Television) to implement the charity program of “Vietnamese Belief” for eye surgery, replacing lens for nearly 350 cases in some locations in Northern region.

Some main goals and tasks of EVN in last 6 months of 2019

The implementation for tasks and  plans in the last 6 months of the Group is projected to face many difficulties, in which: (i) Power demand is forecasted to continue to highly grow, while there is almost no supply backup for in the power system (ii) The water level in hydropower reservoirs is very low, particularly large ones on the Da river, being approximate to the dead water level; (iii) The supply of coal for power generation is very difficult, besides, thermal power plants have experienced a high mobilization in the first 6 months; (iv) Domestic gas resources have declined, from October 2019, PM3 gas output continues to sharply decline; (vi) Oil-fired power sources expected to be highly mobilized in the second half of the year will be a major challenge to the financial situation of the Group; (v) The total capacity of power sources from renewable energy has been put into operation and is expected to continue to highly increase, affecting the safe operation and stability of the power system; (v) The complex situation in the world will affect fuel prices and financial markets in arranging capital; (vii) Construction investment continues to face many difficulties.

With the aim of achieving and surpassing the targets set for 2019’s plan with ensuring the power supply for socio-economic development of the country and people’s daily activities, contributing to the economic growth of the whole country at 6.8% in accordance with Resolution 01/NQ-CP dated January 1st, 2019 of the Government, the Group set out some targets for the last 6 months and the whole 2019 as follows:

- Safely and stably operate the power system and the electricity market, optimally mobilize power plants in the system, closely follow up the load situation, meteo-hydrological changes and be ready to respond to disadvantageous situation. Readily prepare options for flood and storm prevention, ensure safety of reservoirs, dams and hydropower projects, ensure safety for downstream areas in the rainy and stormy season. Actively propagate on  expediting measures to safely and economically use power to the people.

- Safely and reliably operating transmission grid, particularly the North - South 500kV power grid in condition of high transmission for the South.

- Making investment in power source development: Strive to complete and put into operation 3 projects with a total capacity of 1,480MW, including: Vinh Tan 4 Expansion Thermal Power Project, Duyen Hai 3 Expansion Thermal Power Plant, Upper Kon Tum Hydropower Plant. Commence Phuoc Thai 1 and Se San 4 Solar power projects.

- Making investment in constructing power grid: Complete energizing for Upper Kon Tum Hydropower Plant - Quang Ngai 220kV transmission line, installing the second 500kV and 220kV transformers at  Lai Chau 500kV substation; key projects of supplying power to Hanoi city and major loads (such as: Thuong Tin - West Hanoi 500kV transmission line, 220kV branch to Viet Tri 500kV substation, 220kV substations of Thanh Nghi, Luu Xa, Thuy Nguyen, raising capacity of  Dinh Vu, Son Tay, Dung Quat 220kV substations), etc.

- Striving to continue improving the access-to-electricity index by 3-5 grades compared to 2018’s, the goal is to rank at ≤ 24 of 190 countries/economies.

- Continuing to promote implementing solutions and activities to well perform customer services, focusing on: Providing level-4 electricity services; Satisfaction level of EVN’s power users in 2019 to be remained at ≥8.0 points and striving to achieve 8.05 points; Striving for each Power Corporation to have at least 2 to 3 Power Companies meeting the standards equal to that of countries in ASEAN 4.

- Equitization and divestment: Coordinating with the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises to complete the settlement of EVNGENCO3 equitization expenses and hand over capital and assets to Joint Stock Company; continuing taking steps to equitize EVNGENCO1 & 2; complete EVN’s divestment procedures at 05 Joint Stock Companies as prescribed. Additionally; Corporations continue to actively carry out capital divestment and reduction under the direction of the Group.


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