Organizational Structure of Vietnam Electricity

1. Organizational Structure

According to the Decree No. 205/2013/ND-CP dated December 6, 2013 of the Prime Minister regarding the Charter for Organization and Operation of Vietnam Electricity (effective as of February 03, 2014), the organizational structure  of EVN includes:

- Board of Directors

- President and CEO

- Vice Presidents and Chief Accountant

-  Functional Departments

2. Functional Departments

Each and every Functional Department of EVN has its own responsibilities and duties to give advices to the Board of Directors, the President and CEO in strategic planning, management and operation of Vietnam Electricity, details as follows:

* General Affair Department

General affair and clerical works, archives and administration.

* Organization and Human Resource Department

Organization, reform and development of the enterprise, staffing, human resource development and training, labor, wages, health care, labor protection scheme, emulation and reward.

* Corporate Planning Department

Preparing annual and long-term plans, establishing master plans and strategies for production and business development, investment, and doing statistics of  operational outcomes of EVN.

* Financial and Accounting Department

Finance and accounting of EVN.

* Inspection and Security Department   

Inspections, checks; complaint and claim resolution; corruption prevention and fighting; safeguarding; securing confidential information of State and EVN; national defense works.

* Legal Department

Legislation in EVN, legal issues related to EVN’s operations; protection of legal rights and interests of EVN.

* Communication Department

Information and communication, promotion of corporate identity, corporate culture, preservation of EVN’s traditions.

* International Relation Department

Establishing relations, cooperation with foreign partners in seeking and arranging finance from international financial institutions, business partnership with foreign partners and other international relations.

* Technical and Operational Department 

Technical management of production, operation and maintenance activities of EVN’s power generation and power grid facilities,  management of materials for EVN’s production and business activities and in charge of technical issues in  establishing science and technology strategies, and in developing the power system of EVN.

* Electricity Market Department

Operation of and EVN’s participation in the electricity market, management of electricity trading activities of organizations inside and outside of EVN.

* Business Department

Power business activities of EVN.

* Science, Technology and Environment Department

Scientific, technological and environment research and study, standardization, quality management in EVN’s production and business areas.

* Telecommunication and Information Technology Department

Managing investment, construction, operation, doing business and establishing development strategy of EVN’s telecommunication and information technology.

* Investment Management Department

Managing investment, construction and planning of investment projects, designs, cost estimation of investment projects, MRO projects and investment supervision activities. 

* Construction Management Department

Management of  construction schedule and quality of power generation, power grid projects and other projects of EVN from pre-construction stage until completion and operation.

* Procurement Management Department

Management of procurement activities of new investment projects, or for major MROs, production and business areas (excluding fuel ).

* Capital Management Department

Supervisingoperation of businesses where EVN has shares or paid-in capital contribution and overseeing representatives of EVN’s shares in these businesses (Representatives); in charge ofEVN’s equitization activities.

* Safety Department

Labor safety and protection of EVN.

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