Over 55% of communes in Lang Son province meeting power criteria for new rural development

Up to now, 114 out of 207 communes in Lang Son province have met the 4th criteria on power in rural areas. That is the result from the active coordination between Lang Son Power Company and local authorities over the past years.

Lang Son Power’s workers checking a substation in Tinh Bac commune, Loc Binh district

Over the past years, thanks to the efforts made by Lang Son Power Company, many villages and households without power supply in the communes of remote areas and areas with particular difficulties have been supplied with power.

Up to now, all the communes in the province have been supplied power, the rate of rural households connected to the grid power has been nearly 98%. The power quality is ensured, making people feel secure about their production.

In addition to newly supplying power to off-grid villages, the Company also renovates the grid in rural areas. Annually, the Power units of the districts and cities under Lang Son Power Company proactively allocate and use the capital and material sources in a balanced manner; make use of old recovered materials which are still in good condition in order to invest in, upgrade and improve the power grid in rural areas.

Particularly in 2018, over 230km of low-voltage power grid for rural areas throughout the province was renovated, upgraded and repaired. Lang Son Power Company also carried out many works to support the people, communes and villages, helping 12 more communes to meet the 4th criteria of power in new rural development in 2018.

Mr. Vi Le Thanh, - Director of Lang Son Power Company stated that in 2019, the Company would strive to renovate 200-250km of run-down power grid, putting in an effort to achieve the rate of power-supplied rural household of 99% in 2020 under the Resolution set by the province.

In a mountainous province such as Lang Son, the investment in constructing power works faces many difficulties due to the topographical factors and dispersed population. However, in recent years, the power grid has continuously been extended to remote villages and hamlets; hundreds of kilometers of power transmission line were renovated and upgraded each year. That is the effort of Lang Son Power Company in contributing to new rural development. So that each new spring, there will be more poor rural areas enlightened up by power.

  • 21/02/2019 02:47
  • evn.com.vn