PECC1 won 3 awards for high quality construction packages

Bidding packages: "Design consultancy for Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant", "Design consultancy for Huoi Quang Hydropower Plant" and "Supervision consultancy for Huoi Quang Hydropower Plant" of the Power Engineering Consulting JSC No. 1 (PECC1) received the award of "High quality construction bidding package" by the Ministry of Construction.

The awarding ceremony for high quality construction projects and bidding packages, the 4th time in 2019, and the 1st time in 2020, took place on July 1, 2020 in Hanoi. In this ceremony, a total of 21 projects and 9 bidding packages were awarded.

PECC1 won 3 awards for high quality construction package organized and awarded by the Ministry of Construction

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Minister of Construction Le Quang Hung said: This award is one of the important events of the construction industry, in order to honor organizations which have put great efforts and dedication into creating high quality construction projects and bidding packages.

Certificate of high quality bidding package for Huoi Quang Hydropower Project

In addition to awarding criteria (such as project quality; safety of construction activities; safety of fire and explosion prevention and fighting, and environmental sanitation; project construction progress; application of new technologies and materials, scientific and technical advances in construction, etc.), the projects to be awarded must have been completed, accepted and put into operation in accordance with legal regulations within not more than 3 years as of the award registration time.

Accordingly, the two packages "Design consultancy" and "Supervision consultancy" for Huoi Quang hydropower project are of PECC1, this is the first underground hydropower plant designed by Vietnam with a total capacity of 520MW (2 power units). The project is complicated due to 2 underground water tunnels in the mountain and the underground generator. PECC1 engineers had worked out and applied many software as well as established their own calculation programs to ensure accuracy in design, stability, sustainability and safety of the project in earthquake-resistant area (MCE earthquake with PGA = 245cm/s2).

In supervision consultancy, PECC1 has cooperated very well with the Investor in exchanging information and implementation schedule, presenting relevant issues to the competent authority, ensuring the schedule and quality of technical design implementation, which was highly appreciated by the Investor.

As for the package of "Design consultancy for Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant", this is one of the key projects of the Government invested by Vietnam Electricity (EVN), with the total investment cost of over VND 26,000 billion, the total installed capacity of 600 MW (2 x 300MW) and the electricity output of about 3.6 billion kWh per year.

The design of the project not only satisfies economic and technical requirements, but also ensures environmental friendliness. In particular, the most practical and visible benefit is that through resettlement activities in association with the planning for development of aquaculture areas, the project has contributed to raising incomes and living standards for residents in the vicinity of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant. So far, Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant is one of the few thermal power projects in Vietnam being completed ahead of schedule.

The award is the recognition of the competence, creativity as well as the relentless efforts of engineering teams and employees of PECC1, which is the motivation for PECC1 to become the leading engineering consulting company in the field of energy, industry and infrastructure in Vietnam and the region.

According to Vice Minister of Construction, Mr. Le Quang Hung, organizations and individuals those being the winners of awards for the quality of construction projects will be honored and given some privileges, such as: Being prioritized in contractor selection process in construction activities; being considered for contract bonus according to law provisions and agreements in contracts with investors, etc.

Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant in which PECC1 acts as the design consultant meets environmental friendly criteria

  • 03/07/2020 03:48