PECC2 stock will be listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange in June 2019

Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2) has completed procedures for changing stock exchange and it is expected that stock of the Company will be listed and traded on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) in June 2019. This information was given at 2019 Annual Shareholders General Meeting recently held by PECC2.

The General Meeting passed the report on performance of the production and business plan in 2018 and implementation of the work plan for 2019; (audited) financial statements; amendments to the Charter of the Company; summarized report of the Board of Directors; dividend payment plan in 2018, etc.

Overview of the 2019 Annual Shareholders General Meeting of PECC2. Photo: Nguyen Tue

In particular, with the vision of becoming the leading power engineering and consulting company in Vietnam and in the region by 2025, the General Meeting approved the Project "Development orientation, organizational model strengthening plan, and performance improvement in the period of 2019 – 2025, with vision to 2030 of Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2".

According to this Project, in addition to the core area of power engineering and consulting, PECC2 will keep on pushing its EPC business and investments in power generation projects, with more focus on renewable energy. PECC2 also aims at a transparent governance model in which members of the Board of Directors will not be involved in direct execution, etc.

PECC2 sets its targeted revenue of VND 1,959 billion, pre-tax profit of VND 282 billion and dividend of not less than 25% in 2019.

In 2018, despite a lot of difficulties in the fields of investigation, engineering, designing and project management consultancy, given right directions, drastic implementation, great efforts and high determination of employees, PECC2 performed their key projects on schedule and excellently accomplished their production and business plan.

In particular, PECC2 has made strong progresses in investment activities, commencing two solar power projects. In which, the solar power plant at Vinh Tan Power Complex, performed by PECC2, was completed and started generating electricity at the end of January 2019. This is the first solar power project in Binh Thuan province being integrated into the national power grid. Son My 3.1 Solar Power Plant Phase 1 is expected to be synchronized with the national power grid by June 2019.

  • 03/05/2019 03:28