PTC 3 provides technical support for acceptance and energization of Pleiku 3 500kV substation

Power Transmission Company No. 3 (PTC 3) has just provided technical support to Ia Pet Dak Doa Wind Power Joint Stock Company No. 1 and No. 2 to successfully accept and energize the Pleiku 3 500kV substation (Pleiku city, Gia Lai province).


The Pleiku 3 500kV substation was energized at 22:14 on 11 September 2021

The Pleiku 3 500kV substation (O So village, Ia Kenh commune, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province) is an outdoor substation type, with permanent staff. The substation features a high-tech integrated control and protection system. The substation is designed with 3 voltage levels of 500kV, 220kV and 35kV for self-supplying. The capacity in the first phase of installation 01 500/220/35kV-900MW transformer.

During the implementation, the investor was supported by PTC 3 to check and comment on secondary documents and drawings; assist in compiling equipment operating procedures; creating the best conditions and safety monitoring for construction crews to install, wire and connect equipment at Pleiku 500kV substation to ensure safety in the condition that surrounding equipment is still operating.

When completing the construction and installation of equipment, PTC 3 coordinated with the investor to test and accept the connection points and provide technical support to the investor in the testing and acceptance of the protection relay circuit at Pleiku, Pleiku 2 and Pleiku 3 500kV substation; support energizing test of the work.

After putting phase 1 into operation, PTC 3 continued to support operation management.

The Pleiku 3 500kV substation is successfully energized, ready to receive power from 02 wind power plants IA Pet Dak Doa 1 (100MW) and IA Pet Dak Doa 2 (100MW), adding a clean energy source to the local power system to meet the power supply for the power system in general and Gia Lai province in particular.

The Pleiku 3 500kV substation is the 4th 500kV substation that PTC 3 provides technical support to the investors. The substations before were the Thuan Nam and EaNam 500kV substations of Trung Nam Group; EaSup 500kV substation of Xuan Thien Group.

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