PTC4 ensures target of safely transmitting nearly 99 billion kWh of power

That is one of the tasks assigned by the General Director of National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) to Power Transmission Company No. 4 (PTC4) at the inspection in the Company’s planning for 2019.

Workers of Power Transmission Company No. 4 conducting maintenance on transmission line

Mr. Vo Dinh Thuy - Director of PTC4 said: In 2019, transmission output target assigned to the Company is 98.95 billion kWh.

The target of power loss (PL) assigned is 1.09%, particularly, 0.46% for 500kV grid and 0.86% for 220kV grid.

The Company assigned the PL target for regional power transmission units with requirements of developing detailed PL management plans, conducting analysis and evaluation to clearly identify the causes of PL increase at each element on the grid.

In respect of construction investment, under the set plan, PTC4 implements 32 works with a total estimated value of nearly VND 543 billion. The Company has developed the operating progress for implementing the construction investment plan to each project, specifying the procedure progress of bidding packages, planning for completed quantity values and disbursement on monthly basis.

Particularly, PTC4 is assigned with the task of managing 2 projects on new technologies namely: Application of technical management using GIS technology platform into power transmission grids and Equipping information safety and security system for entire EVNNP. The implementation progress of projects is ensured in line with the requirements of EVNNPT.

EVNNPT’s General Director Nguyen Tuan Tung requested PTC4 to focus on implementing and ensuring to fulfill the targets and tasks of the plan for 2019 as assigned by the Corporation; strengthen operation, inspection and review to ensure safe operation of the grid and limit incidents caused by subjective reasons.

PTC4 is also required to strengthen applying device of Flycam in operation management of power transmission lines and provide assessment on its effectiveness and compare it with the old management methods. Additionally, the company needs to study and assess the capacity of completing targets for remote operation and unmanned stations; report to the Corporation on solutions of withdrawing operators in accordance with the plan of unmanned station and current regulations.

  • 01/04/2019 05:44