Performance in Quarter  I of 2021 and working objectives and tasks in April 2021

In Quarter I of 2021, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) ensured a safe and stable power supply, meeting power demand for production, business and daily life of local people, especially ensuring increasing the power supply to hospitals, medical facilities and isolated areas for the prevention of Covid-19 pandemic.

In the first 3 months of the year, the power output produced and imported for the whole system reached 59.65 billion kWh, up 4.1% over the same period in 2020. In which:

+ Mobilized hydropower at 13.86 billion kWh, increasing by 55.4% over the same period in 2020;

+ Mobilized thermopower at 7.44 billion kWh, decreasing by 21.4% compared to that of the same period in 2020;

+ Mobilized coal-fired thermopower at 29.75 billion kWh, decreasing by 12.4% compared to that of the same period in 2020;

+ Mobilized renewable energy at 7.79 billion kWh, increasing by 180.6% compared to that of the same period in 2020; in which solar power mobilized at 7.13 billion kWh.

+ Power imported at 405 million kWh, decreasing by 58% compared to that of the same period in 2020, etc.

In the first quarter, power produced by EVN and Power Generation Corporations (including joint-stock companies) reached 29.22 billion kWh, accounting for nearly 49% of the power production and import of the whole system. In which, the total power output of power plants 100% owned by EVN (excluding EVNGENCO3 and joint-stock companies) reached 16.89 billion kWh, accounting for 28.3%.

The commercial power output of the whole EVN in the first quarter was estimated at 50.81 billion kWh, an increase of 3.2% over the same period last year.

In general, in the first 3 months of the year, the power supply management has closely followed the power demand of the whole country and in the regions, ensuring the mobilization of power sources in line with the hydrological situation, at the same time ensuring water supply at the downstream area and agricultural production. EVN has coordinated with the General Department of Water Resources to carry out 3 times of water discharge, supplying enough water for planting the winter-spring crop of 2020 - 2021 for the Midlands and Northern Delta provinces. For all 3 discharges, EVN hydropower reservoirs discharged 5.14 billion m3 (Hoa Binh reservoir: 3.399 billion m3, Tuyen Quang reservoir: 1.059 billion m3, Thac Ba reservoir: 0.682 billion m3). Compared with the original plan, the total amount of water discharged will save about 0.5 - 0.7 billion m3. The total amount of water discharged this year has decreased compared to that of the plan, but is still 2.46 billion m3 higher than that of 2020 (the year with heavy rain on the Lunar Tet Holiday); 0.72 billion m3 higher than that in 2019.

In terms of business and customer service, since 2020, EVN has piloted the integration of technical and business systems in order to reduce the number of procedures and shorten the time to handle new power supply requests. In addition, in the first 3 months of 2021: SAIDI (system average interruption duration index) was 262.7 minutes, decreasing by 43.9%% compared to that of the same period in 2020; The SAIFI index (system average interruption frequency index) is 2.02 times, decreasing by 28.87% compared to that of the same period in 2020. The percentage of customers paying non-cash electricity bills is 67.52%. The percentage of electricity bills with non-cash payments throughout EVN is nearly 90%.

EVN continues to actively respond to the Earth Hour 2021 campaign, which takes place annually in March. The  Earth Hour 2021 theme designed with the goal of moving towards the connectivity between man and nature. The Power Corporations, Power Companies of the provinces and cities also carried out propaganda at the customer transaction offices, headquarters of the units in March 2021. After 01 hour of Turning off the lights in response (from 20:30 to 21:30 on 27 March 2021), the whole country has saved up 353,000kWh of power output (equivalent to about VND658.1 million).

Construction investment: In the first quarter of 2021, EVN urged units to deal with problems in site clearance, speeding up the construction progress of projects under Quang Trach Power Center, 500kV line circuit 3, 500kV transmission line connecting BOT Nghi Son 2 thermopower plant and 110kV projects. Regarding the power source, the EVN Investor-level Acceptance Council has checked and accepted the completion of and put the project into use, including the discharge outlet cluster - Bac Ai pumped storage hydropower project (phase 1). Regarding investment in the grid, in Quarter I of 2021, EVN and its units have commenced 27 projects; Completed energizing 27 110kV to 500kV grid projects (including 03 500kV projects, 6 220kV projects and 18 110kV projects), including urgent grid projects: energizing two 500kV lines connecting Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant to the national electricity system, energizing to increase the capacity of Quang Ninh 500kV substation, etc.

Some duties of EVN in April 2021

It is assessed that the second quarter of each year is the peak time of the dry season, Vietnam Electricity sets the target of ensuring safe and stable operation of the power system and electricity market, meeting power demand in the dry season in the second quarter of 2021, especially in the context of the high proportion of renewable energy sources.

In April 2021, the daily average power consumption of the whole system is expected at 713.6 million kWh/day, the largest load capacity is estimated at 38,285MW. The objectives of operating the power system in April 2021 are: continuing to well perform the task of preventing and combating Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring power production and supply for production, business and people's daily life; ensuring power supply for the 11th session of the 14th National Assembly and the public holidays April 30 to May 1. Exploiting coal-fired thermal power and gas turbines according to source configuration, in order to make the most of renewable energy; regulating hydropower reservoirs closely following the annual plan and ensuring water supply at the downstream area for localities. Power Generation Corporations ensure the highest availability of units in the dry season months. Safe and reliable operation of the transmission grid, especially the North-South 500kV system.

Construction investment: In April 2021 and in the coming time, completing commercial power generation of unit 2 of Thuong Kon Tum hydropower project; striving to commence the expanded Ialy Hydropower project and the Phuoc Thai 2 & 3 solar power project; performing the ground preparation and conditions for commencement of the Dung Quat Power Center Infrastructure project. For 500kV project, circuit 3: urging the construction progress, striving to energize Doc Soi - Pleiku 2 line in April 2021, urging units to coordinate in compensation for site clearance according to telegram 393/CD-TTg on 29/3/2021 by Prime Minister...


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