Photo series: General Director of EVN Tran Dinh Nhan inspecting operation at Son La Hydropower Plant

General Director of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) Tran Dinh Nhan and the delegation of EVN finished their inspection of operation at Son La Hydropower Plant (Muong La district, Son La province).

General Director Tran Dinh Nhan praised Son La Hydropower Company for their proper management and operation at Son La Hydropower Plant. Since their first generator unit has been connected to the grid (in 2010), the Plant has contributed a total output of nearly 68 billion kWh to the Power system, properly completed their tasks in flood and drought prevention and contributed to the socio-economic development at the local in particular and, the country in general.

Talking with engineers and operators at the Plant, General Director Tran Dinh Nhan paid special attention to their compliance with discipline and operation process, as well as safety work in the Plant


Emphasizing particularly important role of Son La Hydropower Plant on Da River Ladder of hydropower and National Power system, EVN General Director requested Son La Hydropower Company to continue efficiently and optimally managing operation of the plant


EVN’s General Director visited  Traditional Room of the Plant. He suggested that all staffs and employees of Son La Hydropower Company should promote their achievements to strive for best fulfilling the targets, tasks and development strategies set by the Company


Currently, all 6 generator units of Son La Hydropower Plant are stably operating. The company's production target in 2019 is 8.3 billion kWh of power.

  • 26/02/2019 03:28