Photos: Close-up of Hanoi electricians working under temperature of nearly 60 degrees Celsius

As noted by, the outdoor temperature in Hanoi on 27 June 2020 reached nearly 60 degrees Celsius. The harsh weather makes the electricians work much harder. Photos of taken at Ha Dong Power Company (Ha Dong PC - Hanoi Power Corporation).

At 15:00 pm on 27 June 2020, the outdoor temperature was measured at 59.4 degrees Celsius. The constant scorching weather in June 2020, along with the urban impact, caused the customer's higher demand for electricity. In Ha Dong, the average power consumption amounted to more than 4 million kWh/day, an increase of about 12% compared to that of the same period last year and doubled compared to the previous cool months.

Ha Dong PC has mobilized as twice as the number of workers to respond to hot weather at each team and group. Everyday, during peak hours at noon (10:30 am - 12:30 pm) and peak hours in the evening (21:30 am - 0:30 pm), electricians have performed heat measurement and current measurement at transformer stations. 

Detecting abnormalities, the electrician immediately climbed on the pole to check the contacting points. Having to work on high in scorching sun, resonating with the heat from the electric pole, the equipment on the grid, the electrician's working environment is extremely harsh.

Pulling cables to reduce axial load, improving substation capacity, phase balancing, reversing, etc., are some of the regular tasks performed by electricians to prevent overload during the hot season. A working day for orange-shirt workers is not only 8 hours, but can last up to 12 - 16 hours.

To ensure power supply to serve customers, Ha Dong PC prepares sufficient supplies and backup equipment to be ready to handle any incidents. Before this summer, the company has finished a project of building a loop system for the medium voltage line, newly "implanting" 22 substations to distribute a total capacity of 10,870kVA and implement 14 works of pulling cables to strengthen the low-voltage grids.

"Wear sunshine, stay overnight" is the easiest phrase to imagine the work of electricians in the hot season. Electricians must have strong bravery, love for the job, the industry and good health, so he/she can cling to lines, substations, keep the grid working smoothly.

After completing the work, the electricians sitting on the sidewalk to take a rest.

Wiping away the sweat, the remaining thing left after completing the task is smile.

From the contributions and best efforts made by each EVN employees, customers are uninterruptedly supplied power during the hot season.

  • 27/06/2020 04:04