Piloting a Renewable Energy and BESS Integrated Microgrid Project

For an effective development and integration of distributed power sources (e.g. rooftop solar), besides providing its customers with the most convenient connection process, the Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) is piloting a Microgrid project (a smart, small-scale power grid system) that utilizes renewable energy and a battery energy storage system (BESS).

As distributed power sources have become increasingly popular around the world, cities with high urbanization and population density are looking for suitable distributed generating solutions. For Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), RTS is currently the best option for efficiency and optimization.

EVNHCMC has a dedicated page on its website to provide full-range information on rooftop solar since 2019

TS systems can help customers reduce expenditure on electricity and cool their houses by mitigating irradiation to the roofs, with an option to sell the excess production to the grid. In terms of the environment, RTS has always been a clean source of energy that contributes to decarbonization and greenhouse effect reduction.

In recent years, EVNHCMC has been promoting RTS in its customer base. To inform its customers of regulations and required conditions regarding RTS systems, a page dedicated to the topic has been created on EVNHCMC’s customer empowerment website that provides transparency in FIT mechanism, power purchase and connection for capacity release procedures, incentive programs. The page also features a quick RTS investment cost/efficiency calculation tool.

EVNHCMC also conducts negotiations for RTS connection and power purchase following Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade regulations, under a procedure optimized to be of most convenience to customers.

As a result, by early August 2021, HCMC had deployed 14.250 RTS systems with a total installed capacity of 365MWp.

Diagram of BESS system at EVNHCMC’s Data Center

o leverage the benefits of distributed energy resources, EVNHCMC is piloting a Microgrid project that integrates renewable energy and battery storage systems (BESS) at its Data Center, expected to be operational by the end of 2021. The installed BESS has a capacity of around 350kWh, sufficient to support the server system’s maximum design power of 288kWh.

When deployed, the Microgrid system can maintain a backup power source (responding in real-time) in the event of grid failures for the Data Center. It also allows for several control measures such as active reduction of grid power consumption at peak hours, contributes to load curtailment (peak cut control), compensating active/reactive power to ensure required power quality, shifting electricity demand of load within the day, etc.

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