Sapa Power Company staff saved two children from a bottled gas store in fire

On the morning of 11 August 2021, crane driver Nguyen Trung Thanh from Sa Pa Power Company (Lao Cai Power Company) and his colleagues bravely saved two children from a big fire at a bottled gas store in Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province.

A big fire started around 10:30 am on 11 August 2021, creating a large smoke covering entirely the second and third floors of the house.

Specialized power service vehicles of Sa Pa Power Company were moving in the area. Deputy Director of Sa Pa Power Company Quach Trong Khanh directed driver Nguyen Trung Thanh, to drive his vehicle back to Sa Pa Power Company to install a bucket onto his vehicle and save two children trapped in a bottled gas store in fire (the distance between Sa Pa Power Company and the gas bottled store in fire is about 500m).

Driver Thanh raised his vehicle bucket to the balcony on the second floor and together with the surrounding people he shouted for the two girls (5-7 years old) to jump into the bucket. Gas bottles began to explode when the two children had been safe in the bucket, and Thanh had immediately driven away the crane to safely save both children out of the fire.

A few minutes earlier, Head of Planning-Engineering-Safety Department Nguyen Nam Chien, Safety technician Nguyen Tuan Hoan, Head of Power Line and Substation Management Team of Sa Pa Power Company Ngo Van Nhung had urgently contributed in sectionalizing power supply and timely response (disconnecting relevant distribution substations to stop power supply and keep people safe).

The actions of driver Thanh and his colleagues were admired by many people.

Some pictures taken by people at the scene:

Driver Thanh raised up his bucket to save both children trapped on the second floor

A fire raged fiercely

Immediately after the two children were saved, many gas bottles in the store started exploding

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