Tra Vinh: Energizing two key projects to serve aquaculture activities

Duyen Tra - Tra Cu 110kV transmission line and Tra Cu 110kV Substation (Tra Vinh province) were tested, accepted and energized on August 3. These are two key subprojects, under the project of Tra Cu 110kV substation and Cau Ke - Tra Cu - Duyen Hai 110kV transmission line of the Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC).


The worker of Tra Vinh Power Company is checking the technical parameters of Tra Cu 110 kV substation. Photo: DVCC.

The newly built Duyen Tra - Tra Cu 110kV transmission line includes 02 circuits (in the first phase, the line is wired on 01 circuit). The total length of the line is 48,978km, with 171 towers.

Tra Cu 110kV substation was built with a capacity of 2 x 40MVA, with a 110kV – 40MVA transformer being installed in the first phase, invested toward modernization, fully automatic operation and monitoring according to unmanned 110kV substation standards. 

The total investment cost of the two projects is over VND219 billion.

After being energized and put into operation, these projects will ensure power supply for the loads in Tra Cu district, Duyen Hai town and district areas: Cau Ngang, Duyen Hai, especially supplying electricity for key aquaculture areas of the province.

Up to now, there are 6 110kV substations in Tra Vinh province, with a total capacity of 320MVA. The construction of and putting into operation 110kV substations have been timely and on schedule, contributing to improving the reliability of power supply, serving well the socio-economic development in Tra Vinh province.

  • 10/08/2021 03:21
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