EVN Trade Union continues to support more than VND500 million for employees affected by Covid pandemic

Additional 271 union members and workers at trade unions under the Vietnam Electricity Trade Union, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, have received support. This is the main content of Decision No. 225/QD-CDĐVN that has just been issued by the EVN Trade Union. Support funds are extracted from the financial source of the EVN Trade Union.

Mr. Le Van Minh - Chairman of Trade Union of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation. Ho Chi Minh (in the middle) gives a supportive gift to the dispatcher who is isolated to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic - Photo source: VCP.

In the support list, there are 110 people from Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation; 34 people of Northern Power Corporation; 36 people from Southern Power Corporation; 17 people from Hanoi Electricity Corporation; 28 people from Power Construction Consulting Company 2; 12 people from the National Power Transmission Corporation; 11 people from Central Power Corporation; 11 people from 3 power generation corporations (EVNGENCO 1, 2, 3) and some other units.

During the 4th outbreak of the pandemic since the end of April, the EVN Trade Union has conducted 2 phases of support for affected union members and workers. Phase 1, on 13 July 2021, the Trade Union has supported VND 1.1 billion for the units. Phase 2, on 28 July 2021, the Trade Union continued to support VND 2.81 billion for 14 units and 72 individuals. The total amount of all 3 phases of support is more than VND 4.5 billion.

  • 12/08/2021 02:43
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