Piloting automation of underground grid in Ha Long city

On September 28, Quang Ninh Power Company (Quang Ninh PC) in coordination with the contractor to complete the installation of remote monitoring and control equipment for 20 RMUs (distribution cabinets), under the automation project of the 22kV medium voltage underground grid in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province.

According to the plan of Quang Ninh PC, it is necessary to connect medium voltage switchgear, monitor and warn of troubles on the operating unit as well as connect to the remote control center.

Electricity workers in Ha Long city testing the signal for acceptance of remote control monitoring equipment RMU

With a total length of medium voltage lines of 531.1km, Ha Long City Power Unit manages 306 RMU cabinets of all kinds; in which 301 24kV RMU cabinets and 5 35kV RMU cabinets. After the survey, Quang Ninh PC has selected 20 cabinets for testing and trying connection, remote monitoring and control.

Based on the existing infrastructure, the medium voltage underground grid automation project will be deployed on the  472-477 E5.10 22kV line, supplying power to important loads in the words of Hong Ha, Hong Hai and Bach Dang. From the achieved results, in the coming time, the project will continue to replicate and deploy in the remaining medium voltage lines. 

  • 29/09/2021 03:03
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