Power demand in 2020: Can supply meet demand?

This is the main content of the seminar organized by Tuoi Tre Newspaper, on 29 May 2020 in Hanoi, in order to give readers an overview of the situation of power production and supply, as well as orienting the solutions to overcoming the possible lack of power supply.

Overview of the seminar "Power demand in 2020 – Can supply meet demand?" organized by Tuoi Tre Newspaper - Photo: Ng.Tuan

According to Mr. Tran Tue Quang - Deputy Director of Electricity Regulatory Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), the hydrological situation is forecasted to continue to face difficulties and the demand for load will increase after the period of social-distancing due to COVID -19, EVN has built scenarios of electricity system operation.

In particular, hydropower sources continue to be mobilized according to the actual hydrological situation to ensure compliance with the provisions of inter-reservoir operating procedures, single reservoirs and downstream water demand.

Coal thermal power sources will be mobilized to the maximum capacity, gas turbine sources will be mobilized according to the supply capacity of gas supply systems for power generation. Particularly, renewable energy sources (mainly wind and solar power) will be mobilized according to the capacity of the grid.

Mr. Tran Tue Quang (holding a microphone) - Deputy Director of Electricity Regulatory Authority answered questions at the seminar - Photo: Ng.Tuan

In the remaining months of 2020, in order to meet power demand in the situation of partial shortage of hydropower, oil-fired thermal power source with high production cost shall be mobilized. MOIT has instructed EVN and units to mobilize to the utmost power sources in every situation, including high-cost power sources such as oil-fired thermal power, to ensure adequate supply of power for socio-economic development and people's life.

With concerns about the imbalance between power supply and demand, MOIT has issued many guidelines to ensure safe and stable power supply for 2020 such as: Requesting units of coal and gas fuel supply to work out priority solutions to ensure adequate fuel supply for power generation, directing EVN and power plants to ensure the readiness of generating units, etc.

EVN Deputy General Director Vo Quang Lam (left) giving information on the progress of power source and power grid projects of EVN - Photo: Ng.Tuan

Also at the talk show, EVN Deputy General Director Vo Quang Lam shared the progress of EVN's implementation of power and grid projects.

In particular, in the revised Electricity Planning VII approved by the Prime Minister, EVN's power sources allocated for investment in the period 2016 - 2030 are 25 projects with a total capacity of 17,068MW. The completed quantity  in 5 years from 2016 to 2020 is 12 projects, with a total capacity of 6,100 MW.

EVN has been ensuring the progress and quantity of new power sources to operate as planned (by 2019, the Group has completed 11 projects with a total capacity of 5,873 MW).

EVN Deputy General Director Vo Quang Lam said that the process of investment in EVN's power projects still faces many difficulties, such as: the implementation of investment preparation procedures for power projects is  currently undergoes runs in many stages and takes a lot of time, so it affects the implementation progress of projects, especially key and urgent ones.

 Flowers presented to guests by Organizing Board after the end of the seminar - Photo: Ng.Tuan

At the talk show, rooftop solar power is also one of the contents concerned by the Youth Newspaper with many questions given to  guests and experts.

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