'Power supply for 2024 - Urgent issues raised'

That is the topic of the discussion organized by the Government Information Portal on November 7, in Hanoi. Attendants at the discussion included Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien - Former Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly's Economic Committee; Associate Professor, PhD. Ngo Tri Long - Economic expert; Dr. Nguyen Si Dung - Former Deputy Head of the National Assembly Office; Associate Professor, PhD. Bui Xuan Hoi - Principal of Northern Power College.

The drastic intervention of the Government and the Prime Minister

Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien said that from April 2021 (beginning of the Government term), the first concern of the Prime Minister and the Standing Government Committee is urging to ensure electricity security. The Government and the Standing GovernmentCommittee have correctly recognized the role of electricity in socio-economic development and macroeconomic stability, as repeatedly quoted, "electricity is one step ahead".

At the discussion, experts also affirmed,the Prime Minister has made early, remote and timely plans for power supply in 2024, with commands to ensure security of powersupply for the country's socio-economic development.

Guarantee electricity in 2024 - What solution?

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Xuan Hoi, to ensure power supply in 2024, efforts must be made to put any ready power sources into operation; With available resources, a maintenance and repair regime is needed to ensure optimal operation. At the same time, forecasting also needs to be more accurate to harmoniously exploit hydropower and thermal power sources.

Delegates participate in the discussion

Also according to Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Xuan Hoi, the Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade need to have different scenarios to cope with unforeseen fluctuations. In addition to efforts to speed up the progress of key power source and grid projects, it is necessary to consider the plan to import power and carefully prepare proper conditions for importing power.

Delegates attending the discussion also said that to ensure electricity in 2024, it is necessary to exploit existing hydropower and coal power sources effectively. With renewable energy sources, there are still problems in terms of mechanism and price, which need to be quickly handled so that they can be exploited immediately.

Besides, it is necessary to prepare plans to ensure the effective operation of existing power plants; build scenarios to respond toand control situations that may occur...

Resolve the "bottleneck" in electricity prices

At the discussion, experts all said that one of the important issues is the need to reform electricity price management. Electricity prices must be calculated correctly, fully and comply with market rules.

Specifically, according to Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien, communication about electricity prices needs to be objective, honest, and reflect the true situation of Vietnam's electricity industry. He also suggested fully accounting costs for businesses, because without full accounting, businesses cannot gainsustainable production.

As for Associate Professor, PhD. Ngo Tri Long, for a monopoly sector where the price is determined by the State, it is necessary to calculate correctly, fully, reasonably, and promptly to cover costs and get a certain profit, so that there can be a guaranteed power supply.

"The experience of the state of California (USA), there was a period when the government set electricity prices too low compared to the market price, businesses suffered losses and could not survive or develop, leading to electricity shortages",expert Ngo Tri Long shared.

According to Associate Professor, PhD. Bui Xuan Hoi, in the context of oil prices, gasoline prices, and gas prices all increasing, electricity prices have only been adjusted to increase by 3% in the past 4 years to ensure macroeconomic stability, leading to relativedifficulty in operations for the electricity industry. He emphasized that it is necessary to "pay" electricity prices according to the market mechanism, with regulation by the Government to ensure the electricity industry operates stably, then the economy can develop sustainably and ensure social security.

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