Power transmission network in the Central - Central Highland regions before the milestone of November 1, 2021

The South Central region and the Central Highland regions are considered the "hub of wind power" of the country, with many wind power projects invested and built here. The deadline for wind power projects to come into commercial operation and enjoy the Government's preferential electricity prices is before November 1, 2021. So, how is the management and operation of the transmission grid ready to "receive" this power source being deployed?

Power Transmission Company 3 (PTC 3) is the unit that manages and operates the transmission grid in this region. Up to now, there are 23 wind power plant projects with a total capacity of 2,254.2MW registered to connect to the power grid managed by PTC 3 (accounting for about 40% of the total registered capacity of COD testing of the wind power plants into the national electricity system). In which, there are 4 power plants operating with a total capacity of 586.2MW.

PTC 3 workers inspecting, undertaking acceptance before energizing the 500kV transmission line connected to Ea Nam Wind Power Plant, August 2021

According to the analysis of Power Transmission Company 3, the mass energization of wind power plants will cause to many problems in the operation of the power system such as: full load, long-term overload, low voltage, etc. In addition, the operation management unit also has difficulty in arranging many personnel to coordinate the technical design agreement, construction plan agreement, acceptance testing, energizing connection points, especially the task to ensure the safe operation of the power grid during the power outage for construction and testing of connection points.

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