Prime Minister chairs conference with 9 provinces to urge progress of Quang Trach-Pho Noi circuit-3 500kV transmission line 

On 28 January 2024, in Thanh Hoa, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired an online conference to promote the progress of implementing Quang Trach (Quang Binh)-Pho Noi (Hung Yen) circuit-3 500kV transmission line. 

The conference was broadcast online from the People's Committee of Thanh Hoa province to the People's Committees of 8 provinces with the line passing through Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Ninh Binh, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Hung Yen, Hai Duong.

Conference taking place at Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee

Unifying will, acting together

The Quang Trach-Pho Noi circuit-3 500kV transmission line includes 4 component projects with a total length of about 519km including 1,179 pole foundation positions; Total investment is over VND 22,000 billion. The project passes through 211 communes and wards of 43 districts and towns in 9 provinces.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that the extended circuit-3 500kV line project is a key and urgent project, playing an important role in national energy security, especially for the Northern region.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chairing conference

Chairman of EVN’s Board of Directors Dang Hoang An speaking at conference

Amount of work is still large and requires drastic action

To date, all component projects have completed investment preparations by the law. The projects have a large volume of construction and installation bidding packages, supply of materials, equipment, and accessories with a total of 226 packages, and must be implemented in a short time. However, the bidding packages have basically been completed.

EVN’s President and CEO Nguyen Anh Tuan speaking at conference

Regarding site clearance work, specific results to date are as follows: 500kV transmission line of Nam Dinh I - Thanh Hoa Thermal Power Plant has handed over 175/180 foundation positions and 35/75 anchorages; 500kV transmission line projects of Nam Dinh I - Pho Noi Thermal Power Plant; Quang Trach - Quynh Luu, Quynh Luu - Thanh Hoa have basically completed the work of approving the measurement map and are carrying out mobilization work to advance compensation payments and mobilize households to hand over land to construction contractor.

Regarding construction work, the 500kV transmission line project of Nam Dinh I - Thanh Hoa Thermal Power Plant started construction on 25 October 2023. Up to now, the project completed 44/180 tower foundation positions and is implementing construction roads, excavating, casting foundations, and pressing piles simultaneously at 112 foundation locations in the provinces of Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh, and Nam Dinh.

Starting construction on 18 January 2024, the 500kV transmission line project of Nam Dinh I - Pho Noi Thermal Power Plant is currently under construction simultaneously for 37 foundation locations; The Quynh Luu - Thanh Hoa 500kV transmission line project is under construction at 2 locations; The Quang Trach - Quynh Luu 500kV transmission line project is under construction in 3 locations.

Conference connected online to localities where project passes through

To strive to complete projects under the Prime Minister's direction, EVN, and EVNNPT respectfully suggested the Prime Minister assign the People's Committees of the provinces to decide on policies on impacts on forests to build temporary roads and temporary works for construction without waiting for amendments and supplements to Decree 156/ND-CP dated 16 November 2018 of the Government.

For forest areas within the scope of column foundations that have been approved for conversion of forest use purposes during the investment policy approval period, if it must be adjusted according to the technical design without exceeding the total approved area, EVN and EVNNPT petitioned that the Prime Minister allow the Provincial People's Committees to approve without having to report back to the Prime Minister.

EVN and EVNNPT also petitioned that Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces approve the policy of converting forest use purposes under the province's authority in January 2024. The investor also petitioned that the People's Committees of the provinces where the project passed through urge and direct to carry out site clearance compensation, arrange resettlement, and hand over the land to the investor according to progress milestones: Complete delivery of tower foundation in February 2024; Start handing over the corridor from February 2024, completed in March 2024.

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