Quang Binh: High efficiency from the rooftop solar power source

Currently, the installation of solar panels on the house roofs of businesses, units and households are not strange to people in Quang Binh province. The installation of the rooftop solar power (RSP) system not only reduces monthly electricity costs, ensures energy security, protects the environment, but also sells excess power back to the electricity sector, thus this source of energy brings high efficiency.

The Central region in general and Quang Binh province in particular have great potentials, which is suitable for developing solar energy source with four sunny seasons, creating favourable opportunities for developing this energy source. According to the researchers, the radiation value in this region horizontally ranges from 897kWh/m2/year to 2,108kWh/m2/year, corresponding to a value of 2.46kWh/m2/day to 5.77kWh/m2/day.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Central region has great potential for solar power with radiation reaching from 4.2 to 4.8kWh/m2/day. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, the whole country has had 26,146 RSP projects, with a total capacity of 521.8MWp, the power generated on the grid alone in the first quarter of 2020 reached over 90 million kWh.

Rooftop solar power system of PARADIZE Co., Ltd. (Dong Hoi City) viewing from above - Photo: congthuong.vn

According to Quang Binh Power Company (Quang Binh PC), up to now, the province has had 179 projects of solar energy with customers with a total capacity of 1,400kWp, the amount of solar power generated on the grid is 281,987kWh, the cost amount of purchasing rooftop solar power system is VND 547.9 million.

Representative of Quang Binh PC said that many businesses in Quang Binh province have focused on investing in RSP and consider it an effective solution in saving costs and reducing the load for power sources for production and business of the unit. Specifically, in the tourism - service industry, Oxalic Company in Phong Nha town, Bo Trach district has invested in installing RSP with a capacity of 100kWp, in addition to the power capacity used by the unit, the capacity transmitted back to  the grid and sold for the electricity sector from the beginning of 2020 is 9,140kWh.

In addition, PARADIZE Co., Ltd., in Dong Hoi City has also installed RSP with a capacity of 70kWp, the output fed back to the grid is calculated as 22,076kWh, or MASCO Vietnam Company in Ba Don township with the capacity of 32kWp, the output fed back to the grid reaches 7,533 kWh.

Many businesses, units, households have sold excess power back to the electricity sector - Photo: congthuong.vn

For businesses doing business in tourism and services, the use of RSP not only reduces the load of power sources and save electricity costs, but also tends to be a eco-friendly "green enterprise" and "green tourism", creating beautiful images in  the community.

In addition to the service-tourism businesses, many manufacturing businesses have also sought for solutions of using energy from RSP.

 Bridge 4 Brick and Tile Company (Dong Hoi City) is the largest RSP installation unit of Quang Binh province with the capacity of 194kWp, the output fed back to the grid in 2020 reaches 22,138kWh. In addition to utilizing in-place power source for production while reducing electricity costs due to not using grid power, the company also earned nearly VND 50 million from the excess power fed back to the grid.

Rooftop solar power system of households in Quang Trach district (Quang Binh) - Photo: congthuong.vn

In addition, cattle and poultry raising enterprises have applied RSP in the process of raising animals. For example, Ngo Hai Truong husbandry enterprise, has invested in the 50kWp solar battery system in Van Ninh commune, Quang Ninh district, on a system of cattle and poultry farms of about 3,000 m2.

In addition, according to the statistics of Quang Binh PC, there are currently hundreds of households in the city of Dong Hoi, as well as in other districts and towns, investing in installing RSP with a capacity suitable for household sizes at 3-10kWp.

Mr. Thai Hong Quan - Director of Quang Binh PC said that, at the present, the roof and building area in Quang Binh is still very large, together with the advantages of climate and weather conditions, if the investment in RSP efficiently made, it will bring high economic efficiency for investors as well as reduce the power cost for households in the hot season. The RSP is an easy-to-implement investment for all economic sectors, individuals and households, and a high socialization of investment.

Recently, the Government issued Decision No. 13/2020/QD-TTg to create mechanisms to encourage the development of solar power projects in the long term. Accordingly, RSP is the renewable energy supported by the State for development, long-term purchase contracts up to 20 years at 8.38 UScent/1kWh, converted at the current exchange rate of 1,943 VND/kWh.

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